Hango Bags – Perfect for My Left Over Lunches at Work

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#HangoBags – Perfect for My Left Over Lunches at Work – Your Lunch Bag for everywhere. Anytime. The first lunch bag designed for different situations.

I take my breakfast and lunch to work almost every day. I say almost because there is that rare occasion when I don’t have delicious left overs to take to work because we ate them all. On those rare occasions, I usually find a place to buy a decent sandwich and a bag of chips. But every other day of the work week, I carry a bowl of cereal and sometimes 3 containers of food for lunch.

Yeah, I hear ya! “THREE!?!” Yes. Three little containers of food that I will assemble as a meal when I get to work. Some of those shots on my blog are from the office next door where I have a mini studio set up with some make shift back drops. So, if I have something with pasta and sauce, sometimes they’re in two containers. Anything with slaw always gets at least two. Besides, if you’re making a taco salad you don’t want to heat up your lettuce with your meat and rice, do you? Nah! Didn’t think so.

Then there’s days where I have a bowl of cereal and a small bowl of lunch like soup or a couple of cups of pasta. That’s when my usual lunch bag is just a little too big. That’s why these Hango lunch bags are oh so handy! Their bags are perfectly sized for different situations. For the days where I take breakfast and assemble whole meals, the larger bag is the perfect size. It holds everything nice and neat. For the days when I have just a couple of bowls, the smaller bag is exactly what I need.

These Hango lunch bags are not only functional, but they’re very stylish! I’m not embarrassed to take these out at work. I actually show them off, that’s how nice they look. The fabric is very rich and colorful. The zipper is a durable stainless steel but also looks very stylish with the bright colors of this lunch bag. And the name plate truly is a nice accent to the whole style of the bag

The large Hango bag can easily fit a six pack of soda, just to give you an idea of how much it will hold. The smaller one will fit two snack size containers. It will hold my bowl of cereal and a smaller container for carrots or grapes or even a small cup of yogurt.

Now, usually with my lunch I have a couple of freezer packs and by the time lunch rolls around, they’re not nearly as frozen as when we left. Now, this usually is to be expected, but I think they should be colder than they have been lately. And by the time I get home, they’re not even cold at all.

With these Hango lunch bags, they stay cooler longer. By lunch, they’re still pretty darn cold! And by the time I get home, they’re still pretty darn cold. If I haven’t eaten something due to being uber busy, I don’t have to toss it out when I get home. It’s cold enough to put it back in the fridge for another lunch tomorrow or the next day.

I love the black one I received to try for free in exchange for this review. While I leaned toward the pink for something fun and super stylish, I went with the more practical black. Let’s be honest, I’m messy. No matter how hard I try, I make a mess. I spill. Or the containers aren’t closed right. Add all these things up and that equals dark colors.

Yes, they’re a bit wrinkled. When I’m not using these Hango lunch bags, I fold them up and store them in the stylish gift bag it comes with. This bag is the same quality as the lunch bags! It has a nice design on it with the logo and holds both of them and keeps them clean for storage. Not that you’ll store these babies for very long. You will want to use them for more than just lunch bags; trust me on this one.

See how nice the storage bag looks?

The company boasts:

  • It is a set of TWO SIZES for different occasions.
  • It has THE BEST THERMAL INSULATION SYSTEM – your food is kept longer.
  • Zipper made of stainless steel – much more BEAUTIFUL AND DURABLE.
  • High quality material (polyester 300D with high density) and a VERY PRETTY DESIGN.
  • We are the only ones to offer LIFETIME WARRANTY (Order yours now because, literally, THERE IS NO RISK!)

I hope you head on over the Amazon to purchase your own set of bags. These babies truly are gorgeous and perfect for all your lunch neads.

While I received a free product to try, all opinions are 100% my own.

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