Happy Birthday To Me!! Well, not really….But it’s a new design none the less.

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A Kitchen Hoor | Promoting A Mommy's Blog Design #Premade #BlogDesign

WAY back in November?  I think?  I entered a giveaway from The Livy Updater.  Okay.  Now, I’ve won a blog design before, but no offense to that person, I just wasn’t feeling it.  Something just was off and it was too much like work on my part to get a design I’d like.  I got to the point where I felt if I was putting in that much work, I could make my own.  So, I decided not to waste their precious time any more as it appeared they were very busy trying to start their new business.

I decided to try my hand at making a design I liked.  That’s more time than I had.  I applaud those that design blog sites.  I can do it.  I have some basic know how.  The rest, I can figure out on my own.  I can Google and follow HTML instructions.  I designed Dad’s site but that was oh… a decade or so ago?  He’s since revamped it.

So, wandering around on Bloglovin, I found The Livy Updater.  I think it was a blog I needed to follow to win something?  *shrugs*  Well, I REALLY liked the clean design on The Livy Updater and really liked the other designs I found on A Mommy’s Blog Design.  So.  I entered.  And.  I won!!  YAY!

I bounced back and forth between a few designs.


A Kitchen Hoor | Promoting A Mommy's Blog Design #Premade #BlogDesign
A Kitchen Hoor | Promoting A Mommy's Blog Design #Premade #BlogDesign

But really like the clean look and colors of this choice.  It just looks like a party!!  I wanted my blog to really stand out and be bright and colorful.  With this pre-made, it definitely will be colorful!  So, I made my choice and downloaded the design.  I was so very surprised at how easy it was to install the design on my Blogger blog.  I archived my old design, then installed the new one.  Simple as that!!

Now, if I was a new blog, it would be that simple, but I have some things I’m pretty attached to, so I took my time adding my touches to the design to make sure that my brand matched.  I generated a new button and some banners, a new signature image, a new email signature, and some other items.  The best part was, it was easy to find or create some social media buttons in complimentary colors!!  I was worried about that because I couldn’t afford to pay for matching buttons.

I also LOVE the way you can customize your header, easily.  I’ve used that header to tweak my Twitter page, my button, and Favicon just to name a few items.  It was so very easy for me to integrate and update my blog branding with the tools that are provided for you when you purchase one of their pre-made designs from A Mommy’s Blog Design.

I would have installed it sooner because I was SO excited, but I wanted to make sure it was all ready to go.  So, I waited for my birthday to roll out my new design.  I’ve been dabbling for the past month making buttons, headers, tweaking, etc.  It’s not difficult AT ALL!  And with PicMonkey you can match the text colors, easily.  I’ve matched my text colors with my tabbed side bar menu with the color codes from PicMonkey.  Seriously.  It’s so easy!!  If you’ve used PicMonkey AT ALL you can integrate your branding with their designs.

So, if you’re looking to try a new pre-made blog deasign because you don’t have the time to make your own, please drop by A Mommy’s Blog Design and peruse their catalog of pre-made designs.  They’re super easy to install, integrate, and use to brand your blog.  I LOVE my new design and am SO happy with my choice.  If you do hop on over there to check them out, let them know AKHA sent ya!


A Kitchen Hoor | Promoting A Mommy's Blog Design #Premade #BlogDesign

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