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A Holiday Kitchen Hoor Gift Guide

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This post contains affiliate links.  which means a percentage of your purchase will help keep A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures cooking!

To keep them happy, here’s ten items to add to your holiday kitchen hoor gift guide for the kitchen hoor in your life.  This is just a few of the items I hope we get this holiday season.

A Holiday Kitchen Hoor Gift Guide

I know it would seem common sense and probably pretty basic, but I don’t have a great apron.  Every kitchen hoor should have a great apron.  That’s why I’ve put this one on my holiday kitchen hoor gift guide.  A good kitchen hoor needs one that will late many washings and has a long tie that wraps around.  Why, you ask?  So that you can stick a towel or a napkin in the string and have it accessible as you wash your hands after rolling cookies, stuffing chicken breasts, or carving a roast.

A Holiday Kitchen Hoor Gift Guide

Baking sheets.  Many of them.  I feel like I always have these on my holiday kitchen hoor gift guide because you can never have too many baking sheets in my book.  When I make macarons, I have three spread out with silpats on top.  Cookies usually require more than one or sometimes two sheet pans.  It’s always good to have many.

In my case, I love Chicago Metallic.  Their bakeware last a long time.  They’re sturdy and take even the most horrible abuse.  We have used the same roasting pan with a rack (granted the rack hasn’t lasted very long) for many years.  I have their popover pan, muffin pan, baking sheets.  They rock!

A Holiday Kitchen Hoor Gift Guide

I have one of these.  It’s a great tool to have when you’re piping macaron.  It has a couple of sizes and some ears shapes if you wanted to do polar bears, cats, or pigs.  I’m sure you want to know why I just have one.  Because, you see, you can put it under other silpat mats and use it as a template.

Once you’ve filled that mat, carefully lift if up, put it on your Chicago Metallic baking sheet, and then place another silpat on top.  It’s the best template I have and then when I’m finished, I simply pipe macaronage onto this silpat.  This makes my macaron all the same size.

A Holiday Kitchen Hoor Gift Guide

This is a recent-ish addition to our home.  This Fagor multi-cooker is the bomb.  I think, if not this one then another multi cooker, is an essential to a holiday kitchen hoor gift guide.  I haven’t used an insta-pot.  I’ve only been exposed to a slow cooker and rice cooker.  By the way, that’s next.  But this Fagor cooker does risotto in about 20 and it’s hands off for most of the cooking time.  I learned that if I set it to brown, the onions and risotto sauté faster, the cooker comes to pressure faster, and your risotto comes together faster.

I’ve made countless recipes in it since I purchased it.  I can delay the slow cooker 6 hours.  However, I typically pressure cook things now.  LOVE this feature!  It’s been forever since I’ve used a pressure cooker.  I cannot imagine life without this awesome kitchen tool!

A Holiday Kitchen Hoor Gift Guide

Here’s the rice cooker.  I had a basic one that the hubs got me once for Christmas.  I loved it.  It made awesome rice!  And you know me!  I love rice especially for stir-fry recipes.  We were moving from one apartment to another and it accidentally fell out of the truck and broke.  I.was.heartbroken.  I made rice on the stove top until he bought me this amazing rice cooker.

I know, you’re wondering why I have this rice cooker and an amazing multi-cooker?  Because I can totally set the rice cooker to make any kind of rice and some grains the day before.  Sometimes, I need to use both because I’m making something in the multi-cooker that I’m serving over rice.  And, sometimes, I just want oatmeal and don’t want a huge pot of it.

A Holiday Kitchen Hoor Gift Guide

And now to some of my fave or lusted after baking tools.  I long for a pretty bundt cake pan.  I don’t have one.  Mine is totally boring and straight sided.  I’d love to have a few of these, but I think this one is the prettiest.

I think I would bake more bundt cakes if I had a pretty pan like this one.  I’m hoping someone will see this on my holiday kitchen hoor gift guide and get it for me??  Hint hint!  If not this one then a pretty one.

A Holiday Kitchen Hoor Gift Guide

I have a pizza stone.  But I’m total enamored of the pizza steel!  Not to be confused with a pizza peel, which is next.  Now that I’ve done a lot of pizza or bread baking lately, but I love me a good stone in the oven to toast up some tortillas, reheat pizza, or make some quick rolls.  Have a stone or steel in the oven also keeps a more even, radiant heat in your oven.  I keep mine in there all the time.

A Holiday Kitchen Hoor Gift Guide

I have this peel.  It’s the easiest way to make pizza.  It’s also great for removing bread from the oven, too.  I know it seems like a superfluous item for the kitchen, but I love mine and am glad to have it.  When I bake serious bread, I don’t like to use a baking sheet.  Pizza can be assembled on the peel and then scooted to the stone or steel.  There’s just so many uses for a peel if you’re an avid or even serious baker.

A Holiday Kitchen Hoor Gift Guide

I think I’ll be making some pasta this winter.  Mom bought me a pasta attachment.  I think the one I have does spaghetti and linguine like this set, but I know there’s one for ravioli.  That one is totally going on my holiday kitchen hoor gift guide!  To make ravioli easily would be amazing.

A Holiday Kitchen Hoor Gift Guide

Now, I didn’t even know these extruders were even on the market!  They make short pastas.  Mind blown.  I can’t wait to get my hands on these babies and make some ronis or other short pasta with my KitchenAid.  This set makes 6 different shapes which is perfect for a holiday kitchen hoor gift guide.  Rotini is one of my favorite shapes, so I love that it’s pictured.

I have added these and many more items to my every growing wish list of kitchen hoor items.  In lieu of a shopping page, which I’m working, this wish list should have everything you could ever want to be a great kitchen hoor!

A Holiday Kitchen Hoor Gift Guide

The links contained are affiliate links.  Purchases made through these links help keep A Kitchen Hoor cooking!  I hope you enjoy any purchases you make based on these posts.  And, I hope you continue to follow A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures to see what other goodies are used, shared, or made for the holidays!

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  1. I love the mat for macarons that you can make animals by adding ears. Too cute. I have that Bundt pan and love it. I’m thinking of asking for the pasta attachment for my KitchenAid. Nice selection!

    1. I am going to try my pasta attachment this weekend, I think. I hope. I have some beets and want to try beet pasta. We’ll see how it goes.

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