Jamaican Chicken Thighs

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Jamaican Chicken Thighs
Cooking Light, May 2005

I don’t think I’ve ever had jerk style seasonings before. It was easy to make, though. I ground up the ginger and the allspice, beause I only use whole spices with the sweet stuff. Then I mixed in the rest of the spices, making sure to add twice the amount of thyme because I love the stuff. Then added it all back to the spice grinder to combine thoroughly. This worked REALLY well.

I rubbed the chicken skin and put some of the rub under the chicken skin, too. Made for even tastier chicken thighs. They took a while to cook though, and even then, after about 20 or so minutes on mediu, they weren’t completely done. Well, at least the one I was eating wasn’t. So I grabbed the smaller one and had it instead. I will be taking the rest for lunch today, though. I served it with Mango and Black Bean Salad.

Measuring cups and spoons
Small mixing bowl
Large nonstick skiller

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