Just Us On a Mountain Part 3

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When I last left you, we were waiting impatiently for the officiant to show up. We were standing in the lobby, my in heels, waiting for her to pull up so we can get married.  And I’m starting to get nervous because she’s not here yet where is she why isn’t she here yet what is taking her so long I don’t want to be in the shoes any more and I want to be married already.  LOL


We take a few pictures in the entry way. It was pretty there.

Now comes the fun part. Getting in the truck. With this dress on. Didn’t really think this one through. I had to back in, step up on the foot rail and just sort of plop down in the seat. S gathered up the rest of my dress and shoved it into the truck. It was rather entertaining. I didn’t even consider a seat belt. I couldn’t imagine that thing fitting over me and it would only wind up wrinkling everything.

We drive the short distance to the overlook. It’s still nice and not too windy out. The sun is shining, the mountains are gorgeous, and we’re FINALLY going to get married.

No, there are no pictures of me falling out of the truck. Thankfully.
She has us walk across the parking lot and then towards her. Then across the grass to the overlook. I’m so nervous. I forgot tissues. What was I thinking? I KNOW I’m going to cry. Duh! How did I forget those?? Oh well…

She takes some pictures, and then it all starts. He says his part and 2 tears escape. They’re just hanging on my chin…freezing in the wind. HOLY CRAP they’re cold on my chin!! I start to say my vows and I can barely get through them. He, always trying to make me laugh, says something under his breath as I say my I do. And then it was done. That was it. We were married! Just. Like. That.

She takes more photos of us. It truly was a BEAUTIFUL day to get married! It’s like the wind waited until we were finished because it started to blow, and coldly at that. You can see me fighting with my veil at this point. I start to get cold, so I decide to wait in the truck while she fills out paperwork and downloads our photos. We head back to the room. I can’t WAIT to get out of the dress and all the bondage I had on to get into the darn thing. LOL The room looks like a tornado hit it.

Almost the minute we get back to the room, there’s a phone call. They have stuff to deliver for us. Hmm. Okay. There’s champagne and a basket. Okay. My mother sent a basket and his mother sent champagne. Not to mention the champagne we bought the night before. Now we have three bottles. LOL Well, let’s pop one open! So we do. And drink it from wine glasses because we didn’t bring and didn’t have champagne glasses. Forgot about those.



Heh. That’s my handsome hubby taking pics and pouring champagne for us to drink. *beaming*

Phone calls, Facebook updates, and about 30 minutes later, we change and head to The Edge again. Time for a beer and some more… CALAMARI! Actually, I think I had hard cider. We both start off with a margarita. Don’t do that. Ever. It was horrible. I liked the hard cider. I think he switched to beer after the rita. We nibble and went back to the room for a nap. I know I didn’t sleep well and I can imagine he didn’t either. Our dinner reservations weren’t until 7, so we had plenty of time to nap.

We woke up and I showered to remove all that crap from my hair. I had intended to keep the hair style, but it wasn’t worth it. I did my hair like I usually do, but took more care drying it so the curls were prettier. Re-did the make up and put on the reception dress with the hoochie mama heels. Well, I put them on when I got out to the car. I wore flats down the stairs to get to the truck. They were not the easiest for me to walk in, but they were fun!

Off to The Devils Grill we went for dinner.  S didn’t think it was the fancy place for dinner when he saw it before, but I don’t know that he saw the whole restaurant. Anyway, it was quite the place to be. It was rather full, quiet, and people were dressed. Not like we were but not really in jeans. Anyway, EVERYONE congratulated us. They served us champagne on the house, and we bought some moscato for us to drink. It truly was a special night. At least I felt like it was. Everyone was just attentive to us, and were smiling at us.    It really made me feel like a glowing bride.

We ordered the sea scallop appetizer (not pictured). It was fabulous! The scallops were tender and tasty with the citrus-y sofrito. YUM! That’s something I’ll have to try to recreate. I ordered the Dr. Bakers Baked Chicken It was tender and OH SO tasty! It’s like they roasted it part the way then grilled it the rest. The Brussels sprouts were delish and the potatoes were creamy and tasty. It was fabulous!

S ordered the Cashew Dusted Madeira Grouper. Oh man! That was heavenly! The grouper was perfectly cooked. The cashews were tasty. The slaw! AMAZING! It didn’t have that typical fennel flavor with the citrus taste to it. It was awesome! It’s a new item on the menu and we gave it high praises and told them they should keep it. It truly was fantastic.

Then we ordered the German Chocolate Bread Pudding (not pictured) without the coconut ice cream. S doesn’t like coconut. At all, well not AT ALL! He had something recently that he liked that had coconut in it. So, I’m not quite sure where the boundary is. I’ll have to try to figure that out.

Time to head back to the room. Now that was fun! The front walk way wasn’t quite flat and I didn’t see all the dips and hills to it. It was interesting trying to walk to the truck in those heels. Not sure how I didn’t see those before, but I didn’t. I changed shoes in the truck and back to the room we went.

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