Just Us on a Mountain Part 1

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S and I had a very interesting courtship.   For that time frame it wasn’t typical.   Now it’s a bit more common.   Who knows how that happened? But it did.  For those that haven’t been following my blog
all that long, S and I met online.  Not the usual match.com or any of the others.  We met playing Yahoo poker online.

You see, there all these social rooms on their website.  Or at least there were all these social rooms.  I haven’t been on there since I met him in person.  All of my time since has pretty much been spent with him.  And it has been one heck of a journey that has finally led us up to this final step in our relationship.  I can honestly say that those 15 minutes have been the happiest 15 minutes of my life.

But I’m getting a little ahead of my story.

The story of S and I doesn’t have many pictures.  I think there’s maybe 8 or 10 total of us
together.  There are plenty of pictures
of where we have been and what we have done, but not many with both of us.   See what I mean?

S tells this story differently.
I think it’s hilarious.  What he says I was doing and what I thought I was doing were completely different.

There was something that told me I needed to meet him.  Have you ever had that? We messaged and then talked on the phone for a few weeks.  Then something just snapped and I had to meet him.
Just had to.

So I did.  I planned to drive on Friday after work to Cleveland, Ohio.  Yeah.  I was crazy.  But I wasn’t going to be able to rest until I did.  I wanted to know if there was something there like I thought.

And there was.  The joke was that I commuted to Virginia to work every week I spent so much time driving to see him.   At one point, I sat on his couch and just said to myself, “this is the man I am going to marry some day.” Little did I know it would take almost 7 years for this to happen.

It has been a very long journey.  With lots if twists and turns.  We have had our share of fights.  In my eyes with the fights my parents went through, ours have been rare but they are fierce and passionate.  It reminds me of a line in Life as We Know  It.   Messer and Holly have a Thanksgiving blow out after they had parted and Sam, Holly’s new boyfriend said, “If my wife and I fought like that, we’d still be married.”

That stuck with me.  Something about the passion with which we fought meant something.  We always grew and learned from each one.  They always served a purpose.  I guess I just wanted you all to understand the long road that we have been on.  We have grown.  We have learned.  And our love has grown stronger along the way.  I have grown along the way.  And now one journey will end and another will begin.



S had a doctor’s appointment.  We needed to get the license.  There were some minor errands to do before we left for the mountain.  A little shopping here some mani pedi there. We dropped Missy off at grandma and grandpas early.  Grandma didn’t even know.  It was a nice surprise when she got home.  I meant to ask dad how that went.  I’m sure Missy was at the door when she got home, too.  Lol.  Funny thing about those glass doors.

S and I had a relatively relaxing evening.  I mean, as relaxing an evening as one can have the day before the day before a wedding; our wedding.  We a packed our suitcases and gathered all our wedding and “reception” outfits together.  Packed some hiking gear and then hit the sack.


Wednesday morning we woke up, packed the truck, got some breakfast and then hit the road.  It was a
beautiful drive down to the Blue Ridge.  The trees were really starting to change colors.  We commented on how pretty it would be at the overlook Thursday.

It wasn’t a long drive before we arrived at the resort.  We checked in and schlepped out stuff up the stairs to the room we were staying in.  It was nice.  There were hard wood floors and nice counter tops in the kitchen area. This was a two burner flat top stove, microwave, fridge, and a coffee pot.  Happy for the coffee pot.  And the fridge.  The cake fit and not much else.  Lol.  It was a rather large box and it had to be propped up so it didn’t damage the flowers on top.

We hung what we could, put away what we could, and we headed out to find bathing suits.  This isn’t an
easy task at a ski resort in fall.  I settled for a tankini top and men’s shorts bottoms.  Then it was off to the hot tubs and the therapeutic pool.  The hot tub was outside.  It was breezy.  I got cold if I had any part of my body outside.  We found the therapeutic pool and warmed up in there before sitting in the steam room.

Now, my experience with the steam room was different than his.  The women’s steam roam wasn’t on when I got there.  I had to wait for it to heat up before it did anything and well, that wasn’t much for me.

We checked out the spa and asked about my hair appointment the following morning.  We grabbed a brochure to see what services we might want to purchase after the wedding.  There were so many choices!!!

Now it’s time to get something to eat.  Since there was not much open we headed to The Edge for a drink.  We ordered beer and the calamari.  OMG the calamari.  To.  Die.  For!! I think we ordered it almost every day but one.

Yup, in the center is my husband to be!  Isn’t he handsome??



We also shared an Italian style sammy with salami, pastrami, pepperoncini, all on a pretzel bun.  Okay.  That killed us both.  I was actually worried it was the calamari that upset my tummy that night.  As I lay
in bed I thought, please lord do not let me be sick tomorrow.  That’s all I would need.  *sigh*

Consequently, I didn’t eat all that much at dinner that night.  We went to the only restaurant open that night.  Off season not everything is open all the time.  The weekends, there’s more open.  But tonight it was The Copper Mine for dinner.

On the way back from the spa to the room, we noticed a double rainbow.  It was amazing.  A-mazing.  S posted it on his Facebook and his sister chimes in, “That’s grandma.”  Apparently, she shows up at every major event in the family in the shape of a rainbow.  I guess she REALLY approves of this life event as it’s a double rainbow.  LOL

I had a salad and some pizza.  S had French onion soup and the veal scallopini.  That was…different.  It wasn’t scallopini the way we thought it was.  It was more Mediterranean.  I guess it was their influence of the restaurant on this traditional dish.

I had a salad and some pizza.  I didn’t want much.  My stomach wasn’t happy.  I didn’t see anything on the menu that I wanted really and I didn’t want something expensive that I wasn’t going to eat much of for dinner that night.

Back to the room we went.  Tried to get a good nights sleep and then up the next morning for breakfast, hair, and…. WEDDING!

Stay tuned…

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