Kefir PEACH Smoothie

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I had no idea what kefir was when I first was contacted by @InfluensterVox to try the Lifeway Kefir.  And well, you know me.  I’m ALWAYS interested in learning about new products, especially FOOD related ones!!

I JUMPED at the chance to see what this kefir product was about.  I was VERY excited that I was selected to participate.  And, I was even more excited to receive my coupon in the mail!  I think S and I hit the Whole Foods that weekend to get some.  Sadly, I think I’ve drank it all and he hasn’t tried it.  Oops!  LOL

It’s smoothie consistency, I think.  But I don’t drink a lot of smoothies so… *shrugs*  It’s thicker than I thought it would be.

As you can see, I received the peach flavored smoothie.  It’s very peachy, but not fake peachy like I associate with most peach yogurts.  It has a pretty subtle and nice peach flavor.

I thought it was going to be sour.  For some reason anything that’s “cultured” in my book means sour, but it wasn’t.  It’s as if you take some yogurt and mix it with milk or cream.  That’s how it tasted and roughly the consistency and texture.

I’ve taken to putting some on my cereal in the mornings at work for breakfast.

This is over some wheat and oat squares.  You can see the consistency and staying power it has to coat the cereal.  It would be perfect for granola, cereal, oatmeal and the like.  I can imagine it would yummy on some fresh fruit.  And it being summer, I’m sure it could be a yummy #LWaySummer with kefir over some fresh fruit.

You could even freeze it if you wanted!!  Make your own kefir pops!  According to their website:

Live probiotics, like those in the Lifeway Kefir products, survive when they’re
frozen. When frozen, they “go to sleep” or lay dormant. Once you consume them,
they become active and may provide all the benefits of cultures in refrigerated

Freeze some fruit and then blend with kefir.  I mean, the ideas are almost endless!  Frozen or fresh, probiotics are always good for you!

I will definitely be using the other coupon and purchasing more kefir in different flavors.  It’s definitely something I’d like to try to integrate into my healthy lifestyle!

Yes, I know eating breakfast my desk probably isn’t the healthiest, but at least I’m eating breakfast!

WITH Lifeway Kefir!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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