Land O’ Lakes® Sauté Express® Lemon Pepper Snapper

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S loves fish.  I do to to some extent, but he really loves fish; fresh fish.  So, when I told him about the Land O’ Lakes® Sauté Express® Sauté Starter, he was thrilled!  Oh!  We should get some fish for the Lemon Pepper flavor!!  Umm…okay!  LOL

So, off to Whole Foods we went in search for some good fish.  Well, better than the WalMart frozen or the Giant pre-frozen fish.  S is always complaining about how the fish really isn’t FRESH in this area.  He was spoiled in Naples.  Well, oh hubs of mine, deal.  There just isn’t fish THAT fresh here.  Especially not snapper.

Okay, this product has been out a little while, but I guess not long enough for it to be easily found where I shop; which is WalMart.  I went to WalMart, Food Lion, and Giant before heading to the Product Locator on the Land O’ Lakes® website.  From there, I was able to select the product I was looking for and it gave me a list of stores where I could find the product. This was really helpful!  Ironically, it was at the Giant up the street from my house.  And, even more ironically, I found one flavor at the WalMart where I used to shop.


At the Giant, there were 4 flavors to chose from.  I was hoping to find the new Asian flavor, but alas, no.  So, S chose lemon pepper and snapper.  I couldn’t wait to get home and find out how easy this product was to use and how tasty it would be with the fish we bought.


I trimmed the remaining skin off the fillets and prepped them for sauteing.  S put the big boy (read large skillet) on the stove to heat up while I prepped the whole wheat couscous.  Yeah.  Tough job.  I know.  I’m still exhausted!


He debated.  2 or 3 cubes.  Maybe 4?  Nah, 2.  No 3.  Since it was about 2 cubes per 8 ounces, we went with three.  Might have been a little much for the thin fish, but it’s always fun to experiment and learn when you have a new product to play with.  It was sauce-y which would be perfect for some rice or even some pasta.  Since we did couscous, and a citrus based one at that, we didn’t spoon the sauce over the couscous.  But, it would have been very tasty if we did.

The pan was warming up as S put the cubes in.  They started to melt and we could smell the lemon in the kitchen.  YUM!  He put the snapper in and cooked it up.  The sauce didn’t evaporate.  It browned the fish really well.  It smelled A-mazing!!  My mouth was drooling at the flavors in the kitchen.  I was getting SO hungry.


While the fish was finishing up, I threw together some lettuce wedge salads.  It was a tasty veggie to go with the nice, light meal we were having.  I think we should have those more often.  S thinks we should have them more often, too.

FINALLY we plated up and sat down to eat.  WOW the lemon flavor was fabulous!  It wasn’t fake lemon like I thought it might be.  It was a nice, fresh, light lemon flavor with creamy butter and tasty olive oil.  All the flavors were droolworthy!!

The cubes were easy to use.  Just plop it into a pan and then add your protein.  It’s so simple!!  And yet, tastes like you cooked for hours.

Disclosure: The author #GotItFree and received a full-value coupon redeemable for Sauté Express® Sauté Starter for recipe development and review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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