Lazy Lasagna

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Lazy Lasagna
Cooking Light, September 1997

We made this last night because CTM wanted lasagna. We alread had some ground beef in the freezer so I took it out before we headed to the grocery. I did substitute the cottage cheese for fat free ricotta. I can’t help myself. Lasagna is just not the same without ricotta. I also add an egg to the cheese mixture.

We used the new Ragu sauces that come in a pouch, which didn’t really seem like enough sauce. I had a coupon for $1 off two and they were 2/5 at the store. They were very fresh tasting, like they were made in a restaurant and not your typical jar taste. Pretty good!

It was FANTASTIC as usual. I don’t see how you can really screw up lasagna. I guess some people can, though.

Large nonstick skillet
Large pot for noodles
Mixing bowl
Wooden spoon
Casserole dish

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