Lemon-Rosemary Chicken Breasts

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Cooking Light, May 2010

True to form, I didn’t follow this recipe all that much. I kept most of the ingredients, but the method was completely different. I took a whole roaster and loosened the skin. I thinly sliced lemons and put them under the skin. I made a rub with dried rosemary that I pulsed in my spice grinder (I am not a fan of picking twigs out of my teeth when cooking) and rubbed that under the skin as well. I used the rotisserie spit in my counter top oven.
I love that thing! It was the best money well spent. I get to have relatively easy rotisserie chicken that tastes amazing whenever I want and only spend about half what I would if I purchased it at the grocery. AND I get to control the salt content!!
So, the flavors are the same, but the method is a bit different. I LOVE the taste of lemon and rosemary with the chicken. I didn’t make a pan sauce, but did serve with mashed potatoes and usually some broccoli or green beans.

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