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I was a sloth Sunday.  Consequently, no delicious dessert recipe this week and not much for main dishes either.  I had planned a couple of dishes, but S nixed one so …. yeah.

I foresee cookies.  Possibly cupcakes.  Maybe a quick bread or two this weekend?  I have an idea for some rolls…like the bread kind.  Not so sure they’ll go WITH anything I’ve planned this weekend, but I’m going to make them anyway.  I have dough in the fridge that I thawed from the freezer to make something with.  It’s pretzel dough?  I think?  I guess I COULD do pretzels, but they seem like such work.  And I don’t have salt.  And yes I’m whining.

I’m also winning!  *snort*  No, I did not plan that segway.  Speaking of which, they are more prevalent in the district lately.  Tourists galore whiz by on those things daily.  I can’t imagine what our vacay would have been like had we rented those things.  Kind of makes a person wonder…  Is there going to come a time where the Wall-E world WILL exist?  Oh but that’s a completely different blog post and I don’t want to go there.

Winning!  I’ve won some cool things on blog giveaways.  Some ad space.  An apron.  Some pots.  Some food.  Some coasters that I’ve yet to claim.  Just haven’t found the right photos to put ON a coaster.  Supposedly some HikeGoo (Haven’t received it).  Shred (haven’t received that either from SkinnyMom).  An awesome water bottle from Tales of a Mountain Mama.  Some potatoes from Persnikety Plates.  I can’t wait to get those and see what I can make from them.  hehe

AND after entering quite a few of these…I finally won some Sucre Macarons!  Country Cleaver was giving away a box in March and I WON!

Sadly, I think S tossed the pretty box.  🙁  I was so exited!  I’d seen these little gems pop up all over my BlogLovin!  I just couldn’t justify spending $30 for a box of cookies.  Um…now I know why they were all over my blogosphere!

They were so pretty and so delicate!  And I just SO wanted to faceplant in the box, but didn’t.  I wound up taking the box to work and ate my half.  Well, one more than half because I gave L one.

So blah blah blah Oprah.  Blah blah blah famous.  I didn’t even pay attention to the fact that they were on Oprah.  Didn’t even know they were famous.  I just saw cookies and wanted them.  I wanted to taste French macarons and see how they’re supposed to taste.  What they’re supposed to look like, texture, sweetness, etc etc.  I just wanted to sample some so I KNOW what my final product is supposed to look and taste like.  Yes folks, I wanted these to sample them for my own selfish gains in the kitchen.  *snort*

So, there’s 2 each strawberry, almond, chocolate, pistachio, salted caramel, bananas foster, and chocolate and one carrot cake.  I gotta say, the carrot cake?  Not my favorite.  It loses something in the translation.  I think the chocolate and the almond were my favorite.  Bananas foster had a bit of a fake banana flavor for me.  I’m sure there was extract, but maybe too much?  *shrugs*

Sucré Treats Make Delicious Giveaways

Yes yes they do!  My blog is just a bit too puny still to be doing any giveaways like this.  Maybe one day it will grow up to be a big blog and host an awesome giveaway or two.  But for now, I can just enter and hope to win a few cool things.

OH and a funny side note about Kate Hudson?  S had to tail her when she was at his hotel for a guest speaker.  I know…rough gig right?  She was with the guy from Muse.  And S is so professional he didn’t get all star struck over his job for the day.


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  1. YUMMY! They look delicious! Congrats on your win! I so miss talking with you! I put a little update on google today! Talk with you later!

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