Making Mixed Drinks for Summer Refreshment

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Making Mixed Drinks for Summer Refreshment with 30 Simple Mixed Drink recipes.

Making Mixed Drinks for Summer Refreshment

With a combination of classic cocktails, some trendy twists, and must make mocktails!  If you’re entertaining this summer, even for just the two of you, you have got to try these delicious recipes.  From fruity to refreshing your guests will love them!

Having a party?  Double or even triple some of these for a great signature cocktail for your party.  Have kids coming?  Make up a batch of the mocktails for them, too!

You can easily make and take these to your next picnic.  Speaking of which, #SundaySupper is sharing some delicious picnic recipes this Sunday.  So, make sure to come chat with us and see what was packable for our picnics.

Blackberry simple syrup is the basis for this deliciously simple mixed drink.  They're rich enough to complement the flavor of the gin and ginger in this Blackberry Gin Mule. #SundaySupper

Classics with a Twist

30 Simple Mixed Drinks

Simply Different

30 Simple Mixed Drinks

Tasty and Tropical

Very Vino

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