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Meal Planning Week 17 – Dinner for Dad

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Meal Planning Week 17 shares some great ideas for a special dinner for Dad.  Father’s Day is far away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show Dad some love right now.


I know these themes seem slightly off for the season. I lost my blogging mojo a while ago. And I actually lost my mojo for quite a lot during that time. Some of it hasn’t quite come back, but I’m trying to get motivated to do things. One day you will all know and understand.


Meal Planning Week 17 shows that Father’s are important, too!


So, Father’s Day. I think fathers get shafted. Mother’s Day is always such a HUGE deal. Brunches, lots of gifts and flowers, plenty of cards. And then there’s Father’s Day. They have no brunches. No flowers. Not many cards. Fathers are just as important as mothers, I think.


Bourbon Pecan Persimmon Bread has a hint of bourbon and persimmon packed with crunchy pecans. It’s moist, delicious, and packed full of deliciously ripe persimmons. #FamilyBakingChallenge #OurFamilyTable


Mine was very important to me growing up. He and I cooked a lot together. We enjoyed hitting yard sales on the weekends looking for that rare glass find. Dad and I used to buy and sell antique glassware. He still does. I haven’t been involved in the business much unless I find something too good to pass up. Like the Baroque candlesticks with prisms for $4 that he sold for over $50, I think? Don’t quote me on that one.


How did Father’s Day start?


Sadly, it was 58 years after Mother’s Day officially started. It had meager beginnings and, as one florist noted, Father’s don’t have the same sentimental fervor as mothers do. But as one West Virginia town in the early 1900’s realized, father’s are important, too.


Meal Planning Week 17 shares some great ideas for a special dinner for Dad.  Father's Day is far away, but that doesn't mean you can't show Dad some love right now. #mealplanning


In July of 1908, a West Virginia church hosted the first celebration of fathers. Unfortunately, it was due to the loss of 362 men who died in coal mine explosions the previous December. It was a one-time thing. And it is totally unrelated to a woman in Washington who tried to start the equivalent of Mother’s Day for fathers. She knew how important fathers are being a widower of 6 children. She lobbied several business and organizations. And finally, one June 19, 1910, Washington celebrated the first statewide Father’s Day.


It doesn’t end there. I said it took 58 years. And almost didn’t happen. And Mother’s Day was almost scrapped, too! In the 20’s and 30’s a movement began that wanted to eliminate them in favor of a Parent’s Day celebration. But the Great Depression sort of messed that up. Struggling retailers pitched Father’s Day as a second Christmas for fathers and suggested ties, socks, and neckties as excellent gifts for Dad. Then the World Wars started, and it was a cry to celebrate American troops most of which were probably fathers.


Easy Parmesan Noodles are creamy, cheesy, and super easy to make. They’re made in the same pot the noodles are cooked in for easy clean up. #HolidaySideDishes


When did Father’s Day become officially a holiday?


Woodrow Wilson observed the day in 1916. Calvin Coolidge signed a resolution to “establish more intimate relations between fathers and their children and to impress upon fathers the full measure of their obligations” which I think some still forget even today. Johnson signed an executive order for the 3rd Sunday of June to be Father’s Day.


But it wasn’t until 1972, during a hard-fought presidential election, that Father’s Day came into being. Richard Nixon signed the proclamation making it a federal holiday after all. And for those that think it isn’t a profitable holiday? People spend about $1 billion on their fathers every year.



How do people celebrate Father’s Day?


I find it interest that most of the world celebrates Father’s Day the same way. Gifts, cards, outdoor events. I was hoping that some countries celebrated it different, but not really. Though Germany does have a 4-day outdoor event which sounds interesting.


And I think that’s how most people celebrate Father’s Day; outdoors. Hit the greens and play some golf. Get on the water and either do some boating or fishing. I think we usually did fishing. I loved fishing with Dad. We never did camp or hike, but those are some suggestions. And of course, GRILLING!


Bo Ne - Vietnamese Steak and Eggs


There are so many grilling recipes for Father’s Day. Meal Planning Week 17 shares a few of them.  Most of them have steaks or some other kind of beef in them. It’s almost laughable to me. But men and meat are synonymous for a reason, I guess. Or it’s all a marketing ploy by the meat industry. Maybe both? Either way, you can safely grill a good steak for Dad, and he’ll be happy. Unless he’s a vegetarian. Then maybe some eggplant and portobellos?


What to get dad for Father’s Day?


I struggle with this every year. For the last several I have just called him. Both of my parents have said they don’t really want or need anything and to save my money. Which is sort of nice for me and sort of not. I mean, I’d love to find something they can’t live without and send it on its way. But I’ve not been that lucky. Sometimes I do come across something small for them which they appreciate. And sometimes they will hint at (and when I say hint I mean drop me a link in messenger) something and I will get it.



Most people stick to power tools. Which I did one year for my husband and he was like, “Happy Birthday here’s a power tool to do work around the house!” The last time I got him anything other than a t-shirt or fleece from his favorite sports team. That’s always another good option. Something sports related. I think most fathers enjoy some kind of sport.


And then there’s the grill related tools and gadgets. I like to send mine a homemade grill seasoning sometimes. Those are always fun to make and easy to use no matter what the preferred diet is for your dad. One year I sent both of my parents some finishing salts to use. Dad liked the lemon basil one. And the poultry seasoning I made him. It has a secret ingredient in it.


Meal Planning Week 17 shares some great ideas for a special dinner for Dad.  Father's Day is far away, but that doesn't mean you can't show Dad some love right now. #mealplanning


I don’t think it really matters what you get them. Just don’t get them a tie. Unless they really need them. It’s the default gift to give. Ties, belts, hats. I don’t think I’ve ever bought my father any of these. Unless Mom said he really needed or could use a new one.


But do invest in a good chunk of beef for Dad. He’s worth it for a top-of-the-line Tomahawk ribeye or cowboy cut at least 2 inches or more in thickness. With lots of delicious marbling in there. Marbling means flavor for a steak. Then add a tasty rub and you’re all set. Or try a surf and turf with that delicious grilled lobster tail up there.


Deadly Dark Chocolate Layer Cake has two kinds of dark chocolate in it along with some coffee. The frosting is also a dark chocolate frosting making this one dangerous cake. One bite and you will be addicted. #HalloweenTreatsWeek


What about stepfathers?


Well, thankfully, there’s a National Stepfamily Day. That is September 16. Sadly, it started in 1997. I mean, we’ve had stepfamilies for a long time now. I guess it’s better late than never. I’ve had my stepparents just a little sooner than that. 2003, I think? Don’t quote me on that one though. Life was a blur when they got married.


I know sometimes it can be a bit awkward. Especially for me. I had 2 new stepparents as an adult. So, there wasn’t that time to really build a parental type relationship with them. But I’m learning over the years that they are just as much as parent as the real thing. So, when it comes time for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, I call them. Just like I would my real parents.


Sometimes stepfathers can be horrible. I know kids might fell this way. But in time, I hope they learn that having extra parents can be a good thing. I have! So, treat them with a delicious meal from any of these recipes listed below. They’ll love you even more for it!


Meal Planning Week 17 - Dinner for Dad

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