Mexican Ham and Bean Soup

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Mexican Ham and Bean Soup recipe
Cooking Light, OCTOBER 2002

So CTM called me the day after I made this. “No more beans please.” “Spicy beans at that!!” Shoppers had spiral ham for 99 cents a pound. I couldn’t resist. I wanted a slow cooker meal to make on Tuesday and this just sounded good. Yes, I know it’s not a slow cooker recipe, but it was easily adaptable to the slow cooker that I made it anyway.

It was pretty good. It was pretty spicy. It was even good for lunch the next day. As I say with all the recipes that call for chiptole, make sure you taste it before you put it in the recipe. Some are spicier than others. I only put one in the pot with the beans and ham and it was rather spicy.

Make sure that you soak the beans at least 1 hour in the quick soak method described in the recipe or at least 8 hours (overnight). They weren’t quite done when I got home after cooking for 10+ hours in the slow cooker. I left them on for at least 2 more hours after I ate as some of the beans were still crunchy.

It is a rather broth based soup. I might add some crushed tomatoes instead of diced next time to make it a little thicker. I wanted it to have a little more tomato taste than it did. All in all it was good and spicy, but detrimental to the gastrointestinal processes.

Measuring cups and spoons
Cutting board
Slow cooker

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