Multi-Grain Waffles

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Multi-Grain Waffles recipe

EatingWell Magazine, Spring 2003
I was looking for a waffle recipe that was similar in calories to the Eggo Nutri-Grain waffles and found this one. The initial investment was more than a box of waffles, but I’ll get more waffles out of the ingredients in the long run.
I didn’t get 16 waffles out of this recipe. I used 2/3 cup per the recipe, but I still didn’t get 16 waffles out of the recipe. I tried twice, too. I have a 4×8 waffle maker that makes 2 4″ waffles. I put 1/3 cup of the batter in each half. My waffle maker took about 9 minutes to cook the waffles.
I tasted one while I was making them. They’re really good. I like the multi grain taste of them. I made the second batch with ground ginger instead of the cinnamon. My spice grinder broke and I had some ginger already ground. I haven’t tasted those yet, but the ones with cinnamon are pretty good. I am hoping they will fill me up and I won’t be starving by 10am. I’ll just have to see tomorrow morning.
Measuring cups and spoons
Small mixing bowl
Large mixing bowl
Waffle maker

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