My Foodie Penpal Nomz!

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I’m not sure how I stumbled onto this hook up…  I’ve told you my brain is a sieve, right?  Well, it TRULY is!  I can’t remember what I did THIS WEEk let alone something that happened like a month ago.  *shrugs*  It’s just the way I roll!

In any event, Lindsey at the Lean Green Bean has this Foodie Penpal program that she started and has blossomed into thousands of bloggers and blog readers alike sending packages of food to each other.  I mean, who could pass that up?  Getting food in the mail?  Something new and different to use and try?  I know right?  Who could say no to THAT!  I sure couldn’t!

Well, it’s reveal day today and I FINALLY get to show you all most of what I received in the mail.  Yes, there was a very hungry Saturday where I nibbled on some noshes from the box…  I couldn’t help.  They were SCREAMING EAAAAAAAAAAAAT MEEEEEEEEEEEE!  *giggle*

Mariell from HealthyPantz sent me an awesome box of goodies!!  She strolled through my blog and latched on to the portable food ideas from our hiking travels and sent me a bunch of healthy snackies to take on our trips!

Immediately I was excited to see the Kind bars.  NOMZ!  Love those!  Especially the cranberry one, which has mysteriously disappeared from the box.  😉  I love roasted edamame, too!  They’re a yummy source of protein in a nut.


Curry flavored pretzels?  I DID NOT know such a thing existed.  I will have to look for these.  I put curry powder on my popcorn sometimes at work.


I will be taking these to work.  That’s where I drink my tea.


Yes, the cranberry is missing.  These are delicious and if you haven’t tried them, DO!


Okay, failed at making my own roasted chick peas.  I’m interested in trying these out.


Who doesn’t love pistachios?


Um…there were two of these.  They are FANTASTIC!  I don’t think I’ve seen these here, but I will be looking for them.  Just fruit  Sweet, yummy, fiber-licious fruit.


Going on the next hike…which at this rate will be May.  We have to pack to move.


I think this is the item I’m most interested in trying.  I’ve never in my life had ANYTHING truffle.  Seriously!  I’m not kidding.  Not even truffle oil flavored stuff.


Mmmmm mangoooooo!  I think I’m going to mix these with the freeze dried bananas I have to make some granola.  Mango, banana, pistachio almond?  S doesn’t do coconut, so nix that idea.  Pine apple?


And a gorgeous card with a nice note.
Thank you Mariell from HealthyPantz for this tasty box of treats.  I can’t wait to try them all and have LOVED the two I have tried.  Some of these will probably go with me as a mid morning snack at work.
AND a HUGE thank you to Lindsey at the Lean Green Bean and the Foodie Penpal program.  I can’t wait to see what I get in the mail next time!!

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