My Kitchen Concepts #MoscowMuleMug Review

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So, I’ve never had a Moscow Mule. I don’t even really know what one was. That is until I received this baby for free to try from Tomoson. While I received it free, this naïve review is 100% my own! Trust me when I say if I didn’t like, I would say so!

However, I did fall in love with these Moscow mule mugs. There’s something about the brass that intrigues me. There’s also something about a fancy cup to drink a beverage from. I speak from experience on this one. Dad always drinks his mint juleps out of a silver julep cup. Of course, that’s just once a year. So, the last time we were there and were drinking old fashioneds, I thought of an opportunity to give Dad and gift he might like! Some Moscow Mule mugs! Yes, I know. You’re not SUPPOSED to drink old fashioneds out of them, but what are you? The alcohol police?

Yes, I’m a bit off topic. That happens when I’ve had a few of these delicious drinks in this fabulous mug! So, when I saw this mug available to try at Tomoson I jumped at the chance! I wanted to make sure it would work for Dad, was fancy enough, and really did the job at holding its liquor!

And boy do they! These mugs are super shiny. I have no doubt that they are going to maintain their shine for years to come. I have no doubt that the solid, double wall construction and brass handle are going to hold up as long as Dad continues to use and need them. AND I have no doubt that he’s going to enjoy the drink recipe e-book that comes with each purchase! AND I have no doubt that he will need to use the lifetime guarantee, but it’s good to know that it’s there for use if he needs it.

So, a typical Moscow Mule has vodka, cold ginger beer (not quite the same as ginger ale, but you could improvise), lime juice, and a garnish of mint sprigs. There’s a bit of a discrepancy – shocker I know – as to the history of this drink. But a decent story is written up at Huffington Post. Granted, what HASN’T been written by those peeps.


There is no way I could take a photo of this shiny mug without getting a reflection of my in it. If you look at that product shots from the manufacturer, you can see the reflection of the photographer in there, too. These babies are SUPER shiny and high quality. I wanted to make sure that you saw that with an actual photograph and not all products shots. Yes. It IS that shiny and has a high reflective quality to it. It’s the prettiest mug I’ve had to drink out of in forever!

But, back to this mug. If you’re looking for something to give the person that has everything or has the ability to purchase whatever they need (like my dad) then you should purchase a set of these mugs. Seriously. They are gorgeous! They are kitchy and cute. They have such character and would make an impression on any guest you have over for dinner or just drinks!

If you enjoy the Moscow Mule, or just want to pretty mug to serve drinks in, I highly recommend heading on over the Amazon and purchasing a set of these mugs. They’re reasonably priced compared to other mugs, the mug is definitely high quality, and I think you will be thoroughly satisfied with these mugs.


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  1. It's been years since I've used a metal cup, but I know the aluminum ones my mom used to have would practically freeze to your lips. Do you have to use a straw to drink out of this one?

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