My phone is broken…and other confessions of a food hoarder.

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I had taken some good pictures of S’s Chicken Piccata dinner on my phone. But STUPIDLY I didn’t download them before taking it to the Apple store to have them wipe it clean…again…even though I’ve tried that like 7 times since I found it the stupid wifi connect doesn’t work. GRR!!

Apparently, the latest software update has now made it so the wifi card in my phone won’t respond.  NICE! The worst part?  I have to shell out the price I paid for the phone to get a replacement…all because I installed a recommended update.  DO NOT get me started… I.AM.FURIOUS!  *takes deep breaths*

Okay…since today is a Federal Holiday, I have taken inventory of the pantry, the freezer, and SOME of the baking goods.  There’s a second cabinet with the flours and some more non-perils for cookies.  I’ll get to that cabinet this weekend.

Split peas
Basmati/jasmine rice
Penne (2)
Shells and cheese
Lasagna noodles
Cannelini beans (4) (2)
Black beans
Maraschino cherries
Black olives
Artichoke hearts (2)
Condensed milk (4)
Cream of mushroom soup (2) (1)
Cheddar cheese soup
Berry sugar (2)
Cake mix
Dried blueberries
tuna (3)
Green olives
Farfalle (3)
Tomatoes (2) (1)
Green beans (2)
Egg noodles
Berbere spice mix
Roast beef
Buffalo chicken
Beef stir fry (2)
Chicken legs (2)
Hamburger (3) (2)
Spinach artichoke chicken
Chicken breasts (3)
Sirloin tips
Pork chops (3) (2)
Chicken roaster
Yellow lentils
Tuna casserole
Chicken meatballs
Smoked sausage (3) (2)

Some of the items from the freezer will be used this week.  I can see with the smoked sausage and the cannelini beans that I will probably be making cassoulet next week?  Maybe?  This would use one package of sausage, 2 cans of beans, and one can of tomatoes.  I’d have to get some other veggies to go with it.  Zucchini?  Aubergine?  I like that instead of eggplant.  It sounds fancier.  LOL

I have 2 months to thin the herd before the big move.  Some of this might be difficult, but since I’ve posted it here, I’m going to do it!!  Um…let’s see what I see.

Lasagna (given!) – Lasagna noodles and 1 package of hamburger.
Cassoulet – 2 cans of beans, 1 package of sausage, 1 can of tomatoes
Pineapple Upside Down Cake – pineapple, maraschino cherries, cake mix.
Tuna Romanoff – pimentos, tuna, cream of mushroom soup, egg noodles
Hot dogs with shells and cheese
Chicken meatball sammies
Blueberry Lemon muffins
Corn Flake Crusted Berbere Pork Chops with coconut rice and green beans.

Well, seems like next week’s menu is set.  LOL  I’ll have to revisit this next weekend to see what’s left.  There are a few already cooked meals in the freezer.  Those would be easy to reheat and eat on the weekends when we’re being lazy.  I also think I will be baking cookies next weekend.  There’s some dough in the fridge that I made before I left.  I’m thinking we’ll be making those this week to have with ice cream.  I mean, who doesn’t LOVE cookies and ice cream?  Really?  There’s a few that don’t?  Seriously?  WOW!

I thought I’d throw up S’s Piccata Recipe.  He usually makes it a little different each time, but I think this time it’s a winner.

S’s Chicken Piccata

S's Chicken Piccata

by A Kitchen Hoor



  • 1 pound chicken breast, skinless and boneless
  • 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 cup I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter
  • 1/2 cup unbleached flour
  • 1 whole lemon
  • 1 cup dry white wine
  • 1 T unbleached flour
  • 3 T capers, drained
  • 8 ounces angel hair pasta, uncooked
Cook pasta according to package directions omitting additional salt and fat. Drain and set aside.
Cut chicken into 2″ pieces and lightly pound with a meat mallet.
Heat a skillet over medium-high heat and add 1/8 cup of olive oil and 1/8 cup of ICBINB. Gently place chicken pieces in pan; filling but not crowding the pan. Repeat with remaining olive oil, ICBINB, and chicken. Remove to a plate and keep warm.
Combine wine, juice from the lemon, and the flour in a small dish and pour into pan, making sure to scrap loosened bits off the bottom of the pan. Bring to a boil and simmer until thick.
Add chicken pack to bring and simmer until heated through. Serve with angel hair pasta.
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