New York-Style Pizza Sauce

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New York-Style Pizza Sauce recipe
Cooking Light, July 2009

So, apparently I can’t read cans. I grabbed petite diced tomatoes, but when I started to make the sauce, I realized I bought a can with green chiles. *snort* I couldn’t tell when I tasted the sauce and when I ate the calzone that it had green chiles in it.

The sauce was rather tasty!! I, of course, added more garlic than it calls for. We LOVE garlic so I usually double what the recipe calls for. I couldn’t really taste the oregano or the basil much, but that’s okay. I think if you simmer it a little and allow it to cool, those herbs might be more noticeable.

This was an easy, tasty, thick sauce that was perfect for the calzones and I’m sure it would be perfect for pizza. It wasn’t too watery and was very flavorful.

Measuring cups and spoons
Cutting board

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