Niagara Falls

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The hubs and I head to Niagara NY for our anniversary. Here’s what we saw, where we ate, and what we did!


S and I have been married for over a year now. We recently celebrated our anniversary and hit the road to Niagara Falls, NY. I have a passport for work, but S doesn’t have one at all, so we kept it state side, which is just fine for us! I honestly think it made for a more relaxing and wonderful long weekend.

We hit the road early that morning and got stuck in – shocker – traffic on 66. Some accident meant it took almost twice as long to get to Dad’s and drop off the Missy girl. Dad loves watching his grand-dog while we’re out of town. The step-mom does, too!

We finally dropped her off and hit the road for real!! I tried to take some pictures of the gorgeous fall colors while we drove up. Some of them came out…some not so much. LOL

We found a great rate on Living Social or something like that for the Barton Hill Hotel and Spa. It had a good price, came with some spa credits, and looked really nice and comfortable. How can you beat that?

It was nice. Not quite what we expected, but it was nice. The room was nice and spacious! I loved the fireplace and the ability to control our room temperature more so than other hotel rooms. The view was awesome!! The bed was decently comfortable and had plenty of pillows and blankets. The bathroom was huge and had a nice shower, but no step stool to shave with. Just saying.

We unpacked, hung a few things up (they need more hangers) and then started to look for a place to grab a bite for dinner. An early dinner mind you, but I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and it was nearing 4 at this point. I get shaky when I don’t eat.

So, Foursquare it is! Where’s a good place to eat? The Griffon Gastropub! It sounded good and had rave reviews on Foursquare. And for good reason! The menu is delicious. We ordered the calamari (typical for us) and I, on impulse, ordered the Scotch egg. I’d never had one before and wanted to see what the big deal was. It was…different.

The calamari was delicious! And who doesn’t love a pappadew pepper? They’re sliced and garnish the calamari. YUM! Then I ordered the Surf ‘n Turf burger. It wasn’t what I thought. I thought it was a crab cake burger. Well, it was just that. A crab cake AND a burger. So, I ate the crab cake and one bite of the burger just to see what it tasted like. FABULOUS!

S had the wild game burger, which this week happened to be venison. I tasted it. Yup. Still don’t like venison. He liked it though. I LOVED the sweet potato fries with my burger, too. I love that option on a menu. They’re so yummy and different.

Of course, how can you go to Niagara Falls and not see the falls? So, what did we do first thing the next morning? Head to breakfast! And yes, Foursquare to the rescue on that one, too! At the time we were up there weren’t many places open for business. But we found the Villa Coffee House open and full of delicious diner style goodness! I had two eggs as I like them! It was eggs with some ham, peppers, onions, and mushrooms with some cheese. And toast to die for!! The hubs had eggs with some corned beef hash. It was tasty!!

What’s the second thing we did? Head to the falls! I purchased tickets online for the Maid of the Mist boat tour. That’s the ONLY way to view the falls. Seriously. Trust me on this one. We were on the first boat. It was us and two other people. I think the crew outnumbered the passengers! Which is fine by me because the second boat had a LARGE line of tourists and I knew I wouldn’t want to deal with the crowd.

Doesn’t he look so dapper in his blue hooded rain poncho?  I know he’ll kill me for sharing this photo, but I couldn’t resist.  It was such a fun experience and I loved every minute of it!

Yup, there were double rainbows that day! I’m sure it’s common with all that mist floating around, but I thought it was pretty cool and remembered what S’s sister said when we saw a rainbow on our wedding day. It’s grandma! *smile*

Just look at that view from the boat?  The fall colors were gorgeous and it was a wonderfully bright and clear day.  Perfect!!  And just look at me in that happy selfie.  I suck at those, ya know.

See the double rainbows?  And my handsome husband?

It was an amazing morning with the love of my life. How could I not smile HUGE! I made him take a selfie with me. Aren’t we adorbs?

After this, we headed to Fort Niagara!

Stay tuned!

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  1. Yes you are adorbs. Happy people who are still newly weds. I think that is very very romantic. What a fab getaway. Wonderful photos. The room looks wonderful to me with the fireplace and all. It's a place I would love to go. It's quite a trek from the Northwest corner of Washington State. Happy Holidays you two!!! I have enjoyed so much following your blog.

    1. Carol, my dear friend, your comments ALWAYS put a smile on my face. While I suck at commenting, I do follow your blog and read it. I'm almost the same in person. They call me hermit for a reason. LOL Happy Holidays, my friend! And thank you for reading and commenting.

    1. I've driven through Albany quite a few times on my way to VT. It is at the opposite ends of the Thruway. Having spent 5 years in Rochester, it was difficult NOT to head east and go to the public market there.

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