No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie

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No-Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie


I cheated on the crust and bought an Oreo one.  Next time I won’t be lazy and make the pie crust.

The cream cheese mixture was really thick which made it difficult to fold in the whipped topping.  Not sure I got it folded in all the way, but *shrugs*.

I used preserves to mix with the strawberries.  Might want to go with a low-sugar version is the recipe doesn’t call for one, because they were supah sweet!!  They also macerated with preserves.  I would let them sit for about 30 minutes or so before putting them on top of the cream cheese filling.

Other than all that, this was pretty good.  It was essentially cheesecake mousse topped with juicy berries.  It came together quickly, but created quite a few dishes for something so simple.

I’ll probably make this again.  I bought two packages of strawberries.  I may just let the berries macerate in the preserves this week and make it again this weekend.  Or might make a version of this in one of those tall fancy glasses they serve mousse in now.

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