Not Quite Hoor Worthy Eats and GIVEAWAYS!!

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These aren’t fails.  We ate them.  They were tasty.  They just weren’t quite up to par with what I like to publish in the blogosphere.  Not everything comes out of the kitchen is hoor worthy.  Here’s a few examples.


This is Alfredo Shells with Peas and Ham.  Yummy.  But just not quite – I don’t know.  It didn’t have good stage presence.  It definitely needed more parm in the sauce.  That’s for sure.  Maybe a little more cream?  *shrugs*  I may try this one again.  There’s still ham and peas in the freezer.

This one?  A tortilla that was supposed to be for #SundaySupper tapas.  That’s tomorrow so make sure you stop by Twitter and join the chat about tapas at 7 ET.


See?  I was trying to make it more of tapas with the bread.  It just…was okay.  Not fabulous.  And it had too much egg in the pan.  I should have cooked it in the oven instead of on the stove because the bottom got burned.  We still ate it.  It was tasty with the smoked paprika and spices.  It just wasn’t

Then there were the peanut butter crackers.


I know how this happened, now.  I will not be making this mistake again.  They are really tasty, though.  We’re not choking them down, AT ALL!  It’s just a chemistry thing.

Now, I’ll have to tall you about the most recent fail.  There is no documented evidence of this one.  It was just that bad…

I’ve been having issues with the timer on my slow cooker.  Apparently, I’m not setting it to turn on in enough time to cook the ingredients.  This has happened twice.  The first time, I was able to repair the damage and cook it in a pot on the stove the rest of the time.  The second one?  Well, let’s just say it involved beans.  If any of you have cooked dried beans, you will understand.  No.  I didn’t pre-soak because they were supposed to be cooked in the slow cooker….and they didn’t.  So, I poured them into a pot and tried to cook them on the stove.

*Disclaimer* Alcohol was served.  By me.  LOL

Let’s just say, there was enough to eat for dinner that wasn’t stuck to the bottom of the pan.  I’ll leave it at that.

I am currently participating in three giveaways for January.  If you haven’t entered into any of them, please do.  I mean, who couldn’t use some extra cash and a GORGEOUS Kate Spade wallet!!    SERIOUSLY!

So, help me celebrate birthdays and anniversaries in this, my birth month!



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