One-Bowl Chocolate Cake

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One-Bowl Chocolate Cake

From EatingWell:  The EatingWell Diabetes Cookbook (2005)

Saturday night conversation with S.

S: Do we have any chocolate?
Me: No, but we could make something.
S: Like what?
Me: Well, there’s this One-Bowl Chocolate Cake recipe I was going to try.
S:  Don’t you always make it in one bowl?
Me: *chuckles on the way to the kitchen*

So there we were at 8:30 whipping up this chocolate cake.  Luckily enough, I happen to have whole-wheat pastry flour.  I happen to have a WHOLE bunch of it!  I could only find it in the 5lb sack and as you can see from the recipe, you don’t use much when you need to.  Yeah, I have like 4lbs left.  *snort*

It’s good.  Mine was much taller than the picture.  It was moist and fluffy, that’s for sure.  You can definitely taste the whole wheat part though.  Or at least I can.  Not that that’s a bad thing, but I wasn’t quite expecting that.

Yes, it is very thin and EASY to pour into the cake pan.  The coffee at the end really thins it out.  We didn’t have “strong” coffee.  I heated up some from the morning and then added about a tablespoon of instant granules to make it stronger.  You can’t taste the coffee, but it does enhance the chocolate flavor.  S says, “It’s really thin.  Is it supposed to look like that?”  Me, “Yes.  You’ve never seen me make the Hershey’s chocolate cake from scratch have you?”

Not sure if this is really guest worthy, but it was something nice and light to whip up for a healthy chocolate fix.  Should the need arise again, I’m sure this will whip up quick and easy.

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