Parmesan Chicken and Rice

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Parmesan Chicken and Rice

Cooking Light, June 2004
This was kind of like mock-risotto. At least that’s the way it tasted to me. I had intended to make the casserole version of this on their website, but in my experience, chicken thighs take longer than 15 minutes to cook. So, I found something with similar ingredients to make instead. We used chicken breasts, like the recipe called for, which is what I had taken out for the other Parmesan chicken and rice, too. I also substituted precooked whole grain brown rice (Success) instead of boil in bag crap. I reduced the amount of liquid and didn’t use the chicken broth at all. It was really good, but the cheese needs some cream or something to make it creamy. It just tasted like I melted the cheese over the rice and didn’t have any creaminess. It was just strange.
Cutting board
Measuring cups and spoons
Large nonstick skiller

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