Perfect Couple Pie

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Perfect Couple Pie

Doesn’t this look fantastic??  I was drooling at the pic!!  I wasn’t, however, drooling at the high fat content.  So, I adjusted it.

I don’t play with RF PB.  It just don’t act right.  Everything else was RF or FF if possible.  Oh, and I also don’t play with FF cream cheese unless it’s mixed with RF in cheesecake.  It just doesn’t look natural AT ALL!

I would TOTALLY make this repeatedly.  I would make the filling and eat it with a spoon, if S would let me.  LOL  It was THAT good.  I couldn’t find the FF hot fudge sauce so it just got drizzled with FF chocolate sauce.  I’m sure it would have been even more rich with the FF hot fudge but oh well!

I also used the Oreo crumb crust ready made.  I’m thinking I’d do chocolate graham crackers next time using one of the cheesecake crust recipes from Cooking Light.  I’m starting to get addicted to chocolate graham crackers and wish they’d make an RF version.

This is definitely on the “make again” list!!

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