Perfect for Spring! Bonefish Grill’s #IncredibleIs Fire + Ice Pre-Fixe Menu!

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Spring is finally here! At least most of the time spring is here. Sometimes it’s a bit chilly in the morning and we did have a frost warning the other night. But, what can ya do?

Um… GO TO BONEFISH GRILL! Come on. You had to know I was headed there since it’s in the title. But seriously, Bonefish Grill has a new Fire + Ice menu and! There’s lobster, a shrimp and scallop firepot, and lollipop lamb chops on a Prix Fixe menu. There’s a delicious arctic char, steelhead trout, and turbot on the regular menu. All entrees are served with deliciously fresh, spring vegetables like sugar snap peas and asparagus.

Since our local Bonefish Grill invited us to try their new menu (and gave us a gift card to do) we couldn’t resist. We always enjoy eating there. The food is always delicious and the service is excellent. They’re very attentive and we usually don’t have to ask for anything.



  • DIY Doughnuts — a Bonefish Grill house specialty of croissant-like doughnut holes, tossed in cinnamon sugar that guests fill with sea salt caramel and chocolate sauce using mini squeezable bottles
  • The Mule — Bonefish Grill’s signature version of the classic “Moscow Mule”. Grey Goose, fresh lime, house-made ginger syrup, ginger beer. Finished in a rustic copper mug with crushed ice, fresh mint, candied ginger
  • Blueberry Cold Snap Cocktail — Served in a frozen glass made entirely of ice House-made infusion of fresh blueberries + Reyka vodka, organic Art in the Age Rhubarb liqueur + lemon. Finished with a hint or lavender bitters + aromatic lavender stem
  • Cold Water Lobster Tail — 5-6 ounce lobster tail, steamed, served with warm butter, crispy Yukon gold potatoes, spring sugar snap peas
  • Oscar Turbot — From the Land of Fire & Ice, Greenland Turbot is the sister to the indulgent Halibut. Sautéed Piccata-style, topped with jumbo lump crab meat, asparagus, and lemon caper butter sauce. Served with mushroom ravioli + spring vegetables 23, Price Fixe
  • Shrimp + Scallop — Jumbo shrimp and scallops served with Yukon potatoes, rustic cut vegetables, finished with a signature aioli drizzle
  • Grilled Lamb Chops — Tender lollipop chops seasoned and lightly caramelized, crispy Yukon gold potatoes, sugar snap peas, finished with a balsamic demi-glace

This the Fire + Ice menu that was handed to us along with their regular menu.  I mean, how can one choose?  Look at all that deliciousness to be served up!

Here’s our dinner in a nutshell.  Doesn’t it look fabulous?  You know you’re jealous.  I know you’re jealous.  BUT you can easily head to your local Bonefish Grill and taste this amazing menu for yourself.

I started with a Moscow Mule. The hubs ordered a scotch on the rocks. My drink was delicious! A little sweet for my taste, but I loved the candied ginger garnish! It adds a nice kick to the drink. The mint is spring time fresh and perfect with the ginger. It was delicious. They have a new Wild Orchid Hawaiian Martini and a unique Blueberry Cold Snap Cocktail served in a glass made entirely of ice. OF ICE! They look SO COOL!!

We also ordered some of their delicious tuna. We ordered a large order. The hubs doesn’t get sushi or sashimi all that often. You see, I have this thing about raw fish. The last two times I’ve not had issue. Trust me when I saw it has NOTHING to do with the tuna. It’s delicious. But for some reason, this time, I just wasn’t feeling it. I got a taste of something that just didn’t set right with me. The hubs was more than happy to eat my share of the appetizer. And I was more than happy to chow down on their delicious bread with the herb infused dipping oil. Of course, I’m a sucker for fresh baked bread. I really wish I had their recipe! It’s so tasty!

He knows I’m not a fan of oysters on the half shell, but I hear the new Spice + Ice Fresh Oysters Starter with its habanero mignonette is amazing. And the Peel + Eat Fire Red Shrimp Starter is to die for spicy! These Argentinian shrimp are succulent, sweet, and world famous.

Now, what to order for dinner? Stick with the prix fixe menu? Or one of the new dishes on their regular menu? Decisions decisions! There’s the Cold Water Lobster Tail that’s steamed, seasoned, and served with delicious drawn butter. Then there’s the Shrimp + Scallop Firepot which has jumbo shrimp and scallops served with rustic cut vegetables and Yukon gold potatoes and topped with sugar snap peas. OR the Grilled Lamb Chops served lollipop style with crispy Yukon gold potatoes. These come with your choice of salad and the delicious doughnuts for dessert.

OR something new from their regular menu? Like the Dynamite Opah with its perfectly grilled and firm flesh topped with crab meat and sautéed spinach with a creamy aioli. The Oscar Turbot sounded delicious and I honestly thought that’s what the hubs would order. He loves Oscar anything and especially loves asparagus. Since it has asparagus, it really wasn’t one of my choices unless I gave him my asparagus. Now there’s a thought! Spring Steelhead Trout was also on the menu. Its red flesh, like salmon, is served with Mediterranean grains and an edamame falafel. Or do I want the Grilled Arctic Char with buttery flavor, pappardelle pasta and fresh spring vegetables? Honestly, you’ll have to take a minute to choose. I know I did!!

I finally settled on the lobstah! I haven’t had lobster in a few years and just sounded perfect! The perfect flavors, the perfect portions, and the perfect meal. I ordered the Caesar salad after trying to eat the tuna. Don’t judge the tuna! It’s delicious! And so was this salad. No, I didn’t get the anchovies on top. Actually, they weren’t offered, which wasn’t surprising to me. I’d never heard of that, but the hubs mentioned something to me about it. It was news to me to be asked if I wanted anchovies on my salad.


Next was the entrée!! I couldn’t wait. Yummy lobster with perfectly drawn butter, some sugar snap peas, and those crispy potatoes! Just look at how delicious the whole meal is! And I was right! It was the perfect portion. A few peas, a few potatoes, and succulent lobster just the right size for me! I drizzled the lemon juice on the peas and lobster and drizzled the butter over the tail. I also dipped the tail in the butter almost every bite. You only live once and we don’t eat out like this all that often. So, I indulged! That’s what this place is about; little indulgences!

A word about those potatoes, they’re addictive.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  They have a deliciously crispy coating on the outside with tender and delicious Yukon gold potatoes on the inside.  The combination of the crispy outside and tender inside is a delicious pairing and really does speak to the contrasting flavors and textures in this menu.  They also took me back to my childhood and delicious potatoes on a local buffet we used to go to when I was younger.  Ah, fond memories of that place.


The hubs had the arctic char. Now, he said the fish was tasty and delicious, but the rest of his pappardelle and vegetables were lacking in seasoning. This is an anomaly. We’ve never had this happen anywhere before especially at a Bonefish Grill. Since he had eaten almost a whole, large order of the tuna, some bread and a salad, he was pretty full and couldn’t finish the whole meal anyway.

I always tell you you will get a 100% honest opinion out of me and I will tell it like it is. We did alert the server so that he could let the kitchen know to step it up and season the pappardelle. Not that we wanted a discount, trust me, we had a $10 coupon and the gift card. That wasn’t our intent; never is out intent. I just wanted to let them know so that others didn’t experience the same thing.

And now, for the grand finale! This is what you’ve all been waiting for; the DOUGHNUTS! They were definitely worth the wait. They were deliciously crisp and definitely NOT greasy like some doughnuts can be. The caramel sauce was perfectly smooth and buttery. The chocolate sauce was rich and delicious. And the whipped cream? Perfect! The hubs just wanted to faceplant in the whipped cream. Yes, I did share my dessert with him. His entree was not on the prix fixe menu, but I wanted to share my dessert with him because…well…


Whatever your tastes, there’s something for everyone on the new Bonefish Grill Fire + Ice menu.  There are plenty of delicious selections there and on their traditional menu.  From succulent lobster, to juicy lamp chops, to shrimp or chicken, you will always find something to tantalize your taste buds.  The delicious food, along with the fantastic service, means your in for an excellent evening at Bonefish Grill.

If you’re not already, you need to sign up for the BFG Insider!  There’s coupons, local events, and you even get free stuff for your birthday!  It’s one of many ways I see all the happenings and menu additions from Bonefish Grill.  I also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to make sure I don’t miss a thing from this amazing restaurant.

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