Petoskey & Pine – Soap for ALL Your Senstive Skin

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Wendy, from A Day in the Life coordinated this lovely event! Select bloggers received free products from Petoskey & Pine in return for honest and candid reviews of their products. Petoskey & Pine created a lovely gift selection in the giveaway. Enter now to win a perfect products for a home spa day or a special Mother’s Day gift.

Here’s a chance for you, dear readers, to get to know a little bit more about the person behind AKHA. Yes, with this product review I’m going to reveal things about me that not too many people know. Granted, those that are participating in this giveaway know some it because I spilled the beans about one thing in our FB group.

Okay…ya ready?

I have SENSITIVE SKIN! Like, UBER sensitive. And it’s dry to the point of crocodile skin. I could be a lovely handbag.

Enter Petoskey & Pine soap and lip balm.

What’s Petoskey & Pine? Well, it’s a new company by the daughter and son-in-law of Wendy over at A Day in the Life. They make artisanal handmade bath products like soap, lip balms, and soy candles. Their products are created using only the purest ingredients from the most sustainable suppliers purchased through fair trade programs. Product testing is only done on themselves, so you know they’re not going to sell anything that doesn’t make the cut.

And I’m here to tell you, their products also make the cut with me. You see, when I was a wee bairn my parents tried practically every laundry detergent under the sun in 197…. to find something that I wasn’t allergic to. Which was Cheer. I honestly don’t think they make that anymore, do they? It gets MUCH worse from there before it gets better.

Enter my teenage years. You know, that time where your body starts to freak out and change again? Well, for me, it was a time where I had these red, itchy welts on my skin. Since I’d had chicken pox twice – yes, I said twice – my parents thought I had shingles. The actual diagnosis wasn’t all that better.

You see, the doctor told me and Dad that I was allergic to myself. Read: my skin was having an allergic reaction to itself and hopefully, with some cream, it would all go away. So, yeah. You read that right. I was allergic to myself.

Since then, things have gotten a little better. Though, there was that one time where I was sleeping over at my then boyfriend’s house to awake in the middle of the night with a rash on my legs. After that, they used the free liquid fabric softener. No, I don’t use liquid fabric softener. Almost can’t.

So, you can see why there’s always a tube of cortisone in the house.

My face and especially my lips, have the most sensitive skin. There’s a barrage of lip balms and sticks in my drawer at work. I never know how my lips will react to certain balms and I could easily break out in hives around my lips. Cause that’s oh so attractive. I’m pretty much stuck with Carmex or anything that’s got mint in it.

So, to say I can really offer a blunt and honest review of these products is an understatement.

And enough about me. Let’s talk about Petoskey & Pine products.

The lip balm has almond oil, coconut oil, candelilla (wax), shea butter, castor seed oil, lemongrass oil (that’s the flavor they sent me), and vitamin E. Granted, it lists the technical name for all of these ingredients, but that’s it. No colors. No fillers. Nothing you can’t pronounce and nothing you don’t already know. It goes on smooth as silk and since I received lemongrass that’s exactly what it smells like. AMAZING!

You know what the best part is? It doesn’t irritate my lips ONE BIT! Not one rash, hives, even the slightest twinge of an itch. NOTHING!! To say I’m excited to have found a product that I can safely use on my sensitive lips is the understatement of the decade!! As you can see, it has a prominent place at work, where I usually need it most.

They also sent me a bar of their Grapefruit May soap; because I love anything citrus to shower with; especially grapefruit. It just has this vibrancy about it I love! And I love this soap! I’m still using. It’s lasted that long!!

I’m a shower gel user. There isn’t really a soap that I’ve found that I just enjoy using more than a shower gel. It’s easy to put on a one of the net scrunchies, easy to use, and usually has a TON of fragrances to choose from. But, shower gel sometimes irritates the MOST sensitive parts of me. If you catch my drift. I said my skin was UBER sensitive! Just reminding you.

Grapefruit May – “Ever wonder what it is like to shower in a grapefruit grove? This blend of pink grapefruit and Litsea essential oils lets you drift away into a sunny grapefruit paradise. This is a great soap for the morning shower; it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth while the aroma awakens your senses.”

Yeah. Pretty much! It smells amazing! It feels so nice on your skin. You get that squeaky clean feeling without all the dryness of OTC (Over The Counter) soap. And if you’re like me, deodorant just WILL NOT come off without the assistance of steel wool. But this soap just washes it all away. I was pleasantly surprised and underarms were relieved. They hated the steel wool treatment.

Any my legs? The crocodile handbags to be? Well, they’re better. Not completely without a few scales here and there, but that’s without any moisturizer or lotion on them. I wanted to see what this soap would do to my skin au natural! No lotion, moisturizer, or any kind of skin related products of that type. Without all those chemicals, and just using all natural ingredients, this soap really does help keep your skin smooth and soft throughout the day.

So, my suggestion is – well, after entering the giveaway – you head over to Petroskey & Pine and check out all their lovely flavors of lip balm and fragrances of soap. There’s a whole range of them! Not to mention their aromatic soy candles! I hear they’re amazing!

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  1. I have itchy skin too (although I don't think mine is as bad as yours). But I do have to use an eczema cream year round. 🙁 Entered the giveaway and crossing my fingers! Their soup sounds wonderful!

  2. Sounds like a great soap, Christie ! I also have, what you call an UBER sensitive skin, but not as bad as you had and still have – good to know the soap helps !

  3. Hi Christie – Wow, that must have been so frustrating what you went through. I can't wait to try this… we are slowly transitioning our home to all natural products! Hugs, Holly

  4. My son has terribly sensitive skin and has had issues with Eczema since he was a baby. I love to try out new products that are geared towards helping sensitive skin, especially ones such nice and natural ingredients! Definitely entering this giveaway. 🙂

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