Pineapple Coffee Cake

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Pineapple Coffee Cake Recipe

So, I broke down and bought some whole wheat pastry flour. Now I have a huge bag of it in the cabinet. Guess I need to look for more recipes that have this as an ingredient.

I had these three cans of pineapple chunks in the cupboard for EVAH! They were driving me crazy and I tried to find something to make with it. I found this recipe. I took the chunks and put them in the mini cuisinart to chop them finer for the cake. It worked. I did drain the pineapple before putting it in the cake.

This was really good. It had a cornbread type texture to it, but was really good. It’s not too sweet and the pineapple makes it really moist. I will probably make this again.

Measuring cups and spoons
Mixing bowl
8×8 pan

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