Planning a #WintergreenVA Wedding With #DavidsBridal

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I’ve been working on some assignment cooking.  I have recipes that I’m working on for my SRC post.  So, I can’t show ya that yet.  I have potato recipes to work on and cupcake recipes to work on.  Can’t show you any of those yet.

I did do the chicken Thursday.  I can show ya that soon.  And, well Friday is order in day.  Somehow I have managed to injure my right foot.  At this point, I may have to go to the doc.  *pout*

I may have pushed it a little too far recently.  You see, we’ve been walking, right?  We walked Thursday, and that was fine.  Then Saturday, we went dress shopping.  Yes.  We bought a dress.  I wasn’t really going to, because it’s a waste to shell out a crapton for something I’m only going to wear one day ever.  Except, I might be able to dye this one and wear it again?  *shrugs*  It’s chiffon.  If you click on the pic, it SHOULD take you to the David’s Bridal link so you can see it better.

Okay.  So, here’s the deal.  If you’re getting married, you need to think about your dress 4 to 6 MONTHS before your date.  Why?  That’s insagn.  If you want a boutique dress, that’s what you have to do.  Needless to say, it was a bit disheartening as that was our first introduction to modern wedding planning.  Granted 4 to 6 months ago we had no idea when or where we were going to get married.  LOL

Next stop, they didn’t even realize we were in the store.  For like a good 5 minutes we wandered around.  Nothing.  Wow!  If I could just find one in my size I could walk out with it and NO ONE would know.  6 moths required there.  Next stop.  Now they were creative and really trying to help.  They said if I wasn’t dead set on a bridal gown, then I could get a really gorgeous maids dress in white or cream and save some money.  Not a bad idea!  I need to find their card and give them a plug.  They truly were helpful and if I didn’t find one at our last stop, then we’d be back.  Next stop.  A specialty curvaceous bride shop with many of my size in stock.

I’m not heffer, but according to the first stop, I was between their 18 and a 20.  The saleswoman said that designer cut them 1 to 2 sizes smaller.  Why?  WTF good does that do?  What purpose does that serve?  Other than having to charge more for a larger size is you’re on the 16 to 18 cusp.  I did not think I was anywhere NEAR an 18 on the top.  But whatevs.  So we made an appointment at the curvy store and then headed to our last stop, which should have been our first but it wasn’t close.  It was a decent hike.

David’s Bridal.  This is not a sponsored post.  They haven’t given me ANYTHING to write this.  I am because they took me from desperation and thinking I had to shell out a few grand to ecstatically tired and feeling gorgeous.  I didn’t make an appointment.  I should have.  I should have remembered from when A got married that you’d need one.  On a Saturday no less.  It was busy!!  So, we waited.  And waited.  And waited for someone to show up to help us.  I had grabbed two dresses off the rack in the clearance section.  Apparently a no no.  LOL  But hey!  It was busy and I wanted to try them on!

FINALLY!  And lord help me I can’t remember her name, but she was excellent.  Once she got a sense of my taste it was dress after dress after dress.  We finally got to one of the two I had pulled off the rack.  It was gorgeous.  With embroidery, understated.  Just gorgeous.  I was DYING to try it on!

It was heavy.  It was gorgeous, but it was heavy.  I think that’s what I needed for an October mountain top wedding.  It was the second to last dress I tried on.  The detail was gorgeous.  It was clearance.  I just looked gorgeous on.

See the detail?  The embroidery was so intricate, but understated.  It weighed a TON!  I loved it.  Then the manager came over and was talking to us.  She pointed something out to S that I noticed, but once he saw that, I had to tried the second choice option back on again.  She had waited for someone to take this dress off before she could snag it and have me try it on.

That’s not the jacket I’m going to wear with the dress.  I have something a little more substantial to wear with it.  I mean, it is a mountain in Fall.  Might be a bit breezy for something as light as that to cover my shoulders.  Just saying.

This is very understated, but gorgeous.  I fits me better through the waist than the other dress.  That’s what the manager pointed out to S that he didn’t notice before.  It looked better once we took the crinoline off.  I wasn’t as Southern Bell.  LOL  The bodice is just rouched chiffon with some beading.

That’s it.  Simple.  Elegant.  Pretty.  It can be used again, I believe.  Not that we go out places where I’d have the need to wear a gown, but still.

The best part…since our wedding is over 30 days away, there’s no rush.  The dress should be in in about a month or so.  Seriously?  No rush?  No 6 months wait period?  Nope.  Not there!  I’d allow at least 2 months for dress and alterations, but no the 4 to 6 months like all the other places.  So, if I was doing this again, I’d start at David’s Bridal and then go elsewhere if they didn’t have something I wanted.

Here’s the rest of the details.  We’re going here and doing this in October. Then hopefully in November we’ll be going here to visit Mom and A for a honeymoon.  Not quite sure when in November, but that’s the time frame that’s been thrown out there.

So, there ya have it.  Our wedding plans.  Today is shoes for me and suit for S.  Time to pick up the dress and then I’m going to find a seamstress to have it altered, but not now.  I need to wait until it’s closer to the Go time.

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