Ravioli Tortellini and Gnocchi…OH MY!

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I LOVE pasta.  Any and all kinds of pasta.  How is it that I RARELY if EVAH use these types of pasta??  There’s a whole genre of pasta just screaming for me to devour create something with them.  Soups, casseroles, simple pasta dishes.  Store bought or make my own (I hear wonton wrappers are a decent alternative to making your own ravioli).  The possibilities are endless!!  Tomato sauce, cream sauce, toss with browned butter, and chocolate sauce?  Chocolate ravioli?  *drooling*  Is it lunch time  yet?

Stay tuned!  Hopefully, the freezer will FINALLY be able to be defrosted and the creating shall commence.  I gotta tell ya, it’s so uninspiring to have limited ingredients to create good food with.  It’s been challenging at the very least.  While I LOVE chicken, not 4 nights a week for the last oh….THREE WEEKS!  *sigh*

I guess now it’s time to do some pantry cleaning!  Hopefully, I can use up some of the gnocchi and tortelini Dad left me when he found out he was diabetic.  Lord knows, it’s just been sitting around….waiting.

Stay tuned….

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