Real Bagels

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Real Bagels


How hard can it be?  To make bagels?  Not too, apparently.  I didn’t have the barley malt syrup.  Didn’t even want to try to find it. Not that I don’t like bagels, but sometimes it’s easier to buy them then to make them.  I eat them so rarely…I’m not sure if it adds to the taste, but I thought these tasted a bit strange.  Maybe they needed to raise more?  I don’t really know.  They just tasted….strange.  I can’t even quite describe how they tasted.

This is probably not a recipe I would make alone.  The whole boiling process about drove me nuts and I was moving as fast as I could to get them in and out and on racks to drain.

I made the Rich Chocolate Babka at the same time, and I think these suffered in cooking time.  They really should have cooked longer…or I should put a light in the oven.  I know I need to find an oven thermometer as I’m sure this one isn’t quite up to temperature.

I ate them.  They were better toasted dark and crispy with butter (or spray in my case).  Yes I use butter spray!  There I said it!!  It’s the only way I can truly cut that fat out of my diet.  If I had real butter…well let’s just say the inner fat chick would be an outer fat chick.

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