Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Turkey Sausage

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Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Turkey Sausage

Cooking Light, October 2007

I should have soaked the beans overnight and put this in the crockpot. We were supposed to have it Wednesday night for dinner. Oh well! We had KFC instead. *giggle*

The directions aren’t all that great. You saute the onion and garlic in a “pan” then you add the 10 cups of water to the “pan.” Except a “pan” won’t hold 10 cups of water. Then it talks about a “Dutch oven” later on, but doesn’t tell you to saute the onion and garlic IN the Dutch oven and then add the remaining ingredients to it. You really do need a stockpot for this.
It was mighty tasty even with all the troubles we had with it. He added LOTS of cajun spices so it was slightly spicy, but not too much. Our spice of choice is usually Bayou Blast by Emeril. We use that almost on a daily basis. I would cut the sausage in half and THEN slice it to make it seem like there’s more sausage. We served this over white basmati rice. It made for a very filling dinner. I think next time I’ll add a can or two of tomatoes for more veggies.
Cutting board
Measuring cups and spoons
Large stockpot
Wooden spoon

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