Rich Chocolate Babka

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Rich Chocolate Babka


Chocolate and bread…how can you NOT want to make this?  I mean…look at that picture!  I just want to scarf the whole loaf like a fat chick!!I got a wild hair and made these and the Real Bagels from the same issue.  Don’t ask me what possessed me to bake bread that day, but I did.  *shrugs*

The timing wasn’t the best for these two recipes.  I think the bagels suffered.  They should have cooked a little longer, but I needed to get this in the oven.

I always seem to have issues with rolling bread dough up and have it NOT explode all over the oven with the ingredients.  I’ve tried my hand at cinnamon raisin bread, some apple cinnamon bread, etc etc.  For some reason, I could never get the ends tucked enough for it not to ooze out, couldn’t get the seems sealed enough for it not to bulge weirdly and seep out the seam, and well the whole rolling process eludes me apparently.  Yet, with this recipe, I had success in all three!  YIPEE!

It made two HUGE loaves!  The next time, I’m going to freeze the second loaf.  I have a completed loaf in my freezer.  LOL.  It was very easy to prepare.  I always use my stand mixer for kneading because I suck at it by hand.  I never know if I’m doing it right or not.  I should take a class….  It was easy to roll out and roll up with the filling.  The hardest part was waiting for it to cool before slicing into it and scarfing the first piece.  Unfortunately, I lost track of time, got busy with something and overcooked it.  ๐Ÿ™  Yeah…I suck.  It still tastes NUMMY, but the crumb is tough and the crust is dry.  Bad!  Bad baker!!

I took a few slices the next day and heated them up in the toaster oven.  YUM!  It’s like chocolate toast.  I was also thinking this might make for an interesting bread pudding or even some fancy french toast?  S is not that huge of a bread fan, so it’s not cost effective for me to make this as often as I want to, but OMG it’s fantastic!!  Add a little chile powder and put a twist on the bread.  Add some cinnamon and make it Mexican style chocolate bread.  Nuts!  The ideas are endless!!

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