Ringing in the New Year with Last Year’s Top Ten

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Ringing in the New Year with Last Year’s Top Ten. From Beer Cheese, to Chipotle RIbs, to Salisbury Steak, you won’t be disappointed!

It always interests me what the top posts are on my website. It’s never quite what I expect. Granted I don’t really follow my Google analytics and times to post and all those successful things that most bloggers pay attention to. Heck, I’m just glad to have a handful of dedicated readers of this little blog of mine.

Heck, I’m even surprised I have regular readers. Yup! I see ya out there. Y’all are so fun and I LOVE LOVE all of your comments. They totally make my day every time!

Then there’s the #SundaySupper love. Truly, I don’t think you ALL know how much I appreciate the love you show my blog and only hope that I can do justice in sharing and commenting in return. I am very proud to be part of the #SundaySupper Movement and hope that I can continue to be a part of it for years to come. I would love to be able to do more, but my life right now is a bit hectic with the hopeful move to a GORGEOUS house. After that, I hope to PARTICIPATE IN ALL THINGS! They’re so fun and LOVE the Twitter chats. Y’all really should join in on Sunday’s at 7 EST. The #SundaSupper Twitter chats are always fun filled and educational!

I think four of these top tens are #SundaySupper recipes. I know the green beans and red beans and rice are. The number one post is definitely a #SundaySupper recipe, that’s for sure. I also put it into a cookbook giveaway with Anyonita Nibbles. I’m sure that helped get the page views up for that one.

Quick One Pot Red Beans and Rice. This one is oh so hearty and perfect for those eating on a budget; which we will be come January. I love the Cajun flavors and spices in this dish. A lovely one pot meal.

These Oven-Fried Green Beans are delicious. Honestly. They’re the first pictures I have of the new found natural lighting in the bedroom. I think this was the game changer as far as how I photograph my food. I can’t wait until I have space for a decent studio set up. Granted, not a FULL studio, but at least space for a table and some natural-ish light.

Kentucky Beer Cheese. What else is there to say? It’s delicious and full of cheddar and beer flavor. It’s lightened up and scrumptiously creamy. How can anyone resist this delicious snack?

I’m enamored of anything chipotle. The smoky, spice, deliciousness just seems perfect for many recipes, including this slow cooker Chipotle Honey BBQ Ribs recipe. Oh yeah, baby. Spicy sweet goodness is on its way to you!

Easy Pork Schintzel. I have German ancestors in my blood. But honestly. Who can resist breaded fried pork chops? I know I can’t. I even breaded and oven-fried some eggplant. Recipe to come. Schnitzel. It’s what’s for dinner!

OH yes. I went there with French Onion Chicken. This was honestly, lick the plate good. It was lick the slow cooker good. I can remember the sweet onion deliciousness that is this dish. I can’t wait to make this one again.

Okay. This one was a surprise to me. Mushroom Braised Chuck? Honestly? I know that chuck is a pretty frugal and cheap cut of meat, but I have many of these cuts of meat and many recipes for these cuts of meat. But, to be honest, this was a DELICIOUS recipe. Just sayin…

This recipe? Of course. I knew Roasted Buffalo Shrimp with Blue Cheese Macaroni would be in the top ten. It was definitely one of my more delicious recipes this past year. The Buffalo flavoring truly was perfect in this recipe. And the blue cheese mac n cheese? Oh yeah. Bring it. The flavor and wow factor are spot on in this recipe. I highly recommend you make it and tell me how much you LOVE IT! Because I know you will.

Stroganoff. Who doesn’t love a good stroganoff? That silky, sour creamy, delicious sauce that tops sautéed chicken and cooked noodles. This Easy Chicken Stroganoff recipe is definitely worthy of a top ten status. The flavor is amazing and the chicken is a shining star with its tender goodness. And the sauce? Perfectly tangy and creamy and delicious. I’m not surprised this is on the top ten.

And finally! The number one readers’ choice by page views. And who can blame y’all readers? This Salisbury Steak with Loaded Mashed Potatoes recipe is not only delicious to the max but the photograph is pretty tasty looking, too. We make this recipe a lot. It’s a super easy and super frugal meal for those on a budget. It’s a definitely go to meal when we’re pantry cooking or freezer cooking. I love LOVE that this recipe is the number one pick for last year. It’s the number one pick in our menu planning. We have it at least once every couple of months. Truly a family fave in the AKHA household!

And that’s it from A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures today!  I wish you all a very Happy New Year and wish great things for you this year!!

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  1. You definitely have here a great collection of recipes!
    I'm a vegetarian so not everything is for me, but I just loooooooooove the "Oven-Fried Green Beans" – I really must make this recipe!

    1. I don't know how you missed it. It's truly yummy, if i do say so. It was perfect, I spent it with the hubs and pup. I'm sure yours was exciting with the little one. Hope your 2015 is awesome.

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