Roasted Banana Pudding

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Roasted Banana Pudding

Cooking Light, AUGUST 2011

Freaky…looks like it’s floating. LOL. So, I’ve tried this twice since the recipe came out in the magazine. BOTH times, the sliced banans were overcooked. I’ve cut the time by 5mins, but I’m thinking either my oven is too hot (note to self get oven thermometer) or only roast them for about 5 mins total.

I thought the custard was too soupy. So, I switched the custard recipe with the custard recipe from this Banana Pudding recipe. It comes out a little thicker which I like.

Overall, I like the addition of the roasted bananas to the custard. I had been putting just a little banana extract in the custard, but adding the roasted bananas makes it much more tasty.


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