Roasted Paprika Chicken

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Roasted Paprika Chicken recipe
Southern Living, November 2007

So, I’ve made this twice and apparently haven’t blogged about it once. We have a convection oven with a rotisserie spit, so I usually make this in that oven instead of roasting it in the regular oven. It’s a lot cooler in our kitchen when we use that oven as opposed to the regular one.

This GOOD! I mean, really good. Lick your fingers good! I love the taste of lemon in the meat. It’s just enough to enhance the flavor of the smoked paprika. I put the ends of the lemon inside the cavity of the chicken for a little more flavor.

It does make a rather large mess on your hands. My fingernails are usually a little orange when I’m done spreading the mixture and finally putting it on the spit, which is NO easy task!! But it’s well worth it.

You could use regular paprika if you don’t have the smoked. I didn’t have enough of the smoked so I used half and half. Being as I’ve made this twice, it’s definitely on the make again list.

Measuring cups and spoons
Cutting board
Roasting pan (or convection oven with spit, or grill even)

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