Roman-style Chicken

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Roman-style Chicken

Recipe courtesy Giada De Laurentiis

My introduction to this recipe was on my birthday last year.  S wanted to make something special for my birthday last year.  It was YUMMY even though it took me 6 hours to get home.
We’ve made this together since.  It’s not quick, but it is tasty and makes for a good special dinner or even for entertaining.
I buy the prosciutto at the deli counter.  It’s cheaper than the prepackaged stuff in the deli case usually.  I ask them to slice it thick so it’s almost bacon thickness.  It keeps the prosciutto from melting into the dish.
There are a lot of ingredients, but not unusual ones.  You can alter the flavor a bit by the type of canned tomatoes you add.  There are so many choices out there now that it’s fun to try them all and see how the flavor changes.  We usually get a garlic and onion blend, but I’d like to try the fire-roasted or the red pepper ones I saw recently.
We usually use split chicken breasts, but you have to be careful when cooking so as not to overcook the breasts.  You could easily use chicken thighs for this.  I’ve also bought a whole, cut-up chicken to make this recipe.  It’s also good for lunch the next day, too.
We serve this over pasta (usually cappellini) and have a tossed salad with it…and of course some bread for the yummy sauce that it makes!
Yes the picture is crappy….but it looks so yummy on their site!

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