Salmon Cakes

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Salmon Cakes

So, I got a little bored with and decided to search Pinterest for some salmon cakes.  Can I just say…it’s really annoying to have 80billion people pin the same stupid thing with NO FECKIN DESCRIPTION!!  JEBUS!

These intrigued me because of the hash brown usage.  I’m thinking I might alter this and make a salted cod cake recipe from it.  (Google Bacalhau)

I’m also thinking Egg Beaters is not a good binder for recipes like this.  I used that instead of the eggs in the recipe.  My salmon cakes never hold together when I cook them.  They always fall apart.  *shrugs*

I really wanted the hash browns to be crispy.  This would require more oil than I wanted to use.  The more I thought about, the more I think I should just flash fry them in the pan then let them finish cooking in the oven.  LOVED the onions in them for some reason.  Not like I don’t put onions in my cakes, but they really were good in this recipe and I think the potatoes had a lot to do with that.

This is a definite try again.  They weren’t too bad for lunch the next day either.  We had a nice tossed salad with them.  It was a nice light meal.

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