Secret Deodorant Outlast Clear Gel

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Yeah…how many of us have done this dance getting dressed…

I have this thing where I can’t lift my arms into my sleeves unless my elbows are in the shirt, thus preventing #whitemarkfail.

I’ve been a Dove person for a long time.  I mean a LONG time.  All over deodorants just didn’t cut it.  I haven’t even wanted to try a new deodorant since my switch many moons ago.

That is…until now.

I received the Secret Outlast Gel in my #SpringVoxBox.  I thought, “Meh.  THAT’S not gonna work.”  BUT I did my due diligence and tried it with an open mind.  I mean…I REALLY put it the test.  I thought, “If I’m HONESTLY going to review this, I’m gonna make it worth it and see if it really DOES last up to 48 hours.”

Yup!  You guessed it!  48 hours.  No shower.  Now new application.  Just whatever was still hanging around from the previous days application.  And I wasn’t just lounging either.  I mean.  I worked up a GOOD sweat cleaning the house, cooking, baking, rearranging stuff.

I will honestly admit.  Other parts of me were rather ripe after the 48 hours.  Thankfully, S wasn’t around to really smell my rank-ness on the second day.  I showered before he came home.

BUT, there were:

  • no white marks
  • no odor
  • no wetness
  • no stickiness that I associate with gels
  • a nice pleasant aroma
  • didn’t need a kitchen scrubbie to wash it off.

Okay…that last one.  LOVE Dove, but OMG I have to literally scrape the deodorant off my pits every morning.  Is it just me?  Does anyone else have to do that?  Is that what “no white marks” means to them?

For me, the only Con was that my underarms felt wet when I first tried it.  I thought I wasn’t going to like it, but after a while, you just get used to that feeling and enjoy not having to use steel wool to clean your pits in the AM.  LOL

Secret’s tagline for this product?

Antiperspirant/Deodorant leaves fewer white marks on clothes than the next leading invisible solid! And, with 48 hour odor and wetness protection at such a low price, why pay more?”($4.59)

After trying it, I will probably buy it when this sample runs out.

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