Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo

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Cooking Light, SEPTEMBER 2011

No…I did not serve this with asparagus. I also did not include the chives. It just sounded weird to me.
This was YUMMY and will be the staple for my alfredo craving. Not so good reheated the next day. You will need to add some cream to the dish before you reheat it. It was creamy, tasty, salty, yummy!
I made the sauce in a pan, and not a sauce pot. This is contrary what I would have thought to do, but thought I’d try it. It worked very well. Made it a little difficult to get the cream cheese to melt into the pan, but that’s why I have a silicone whisk!
What it didn’t call for is a bit of nutmeg, which I think would enhance the sauce just a touch. Next time I make this, I will grate just a touch into the pan.

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