Shrimp Scampi

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Shrimp Scampi

Cooking Light, OCTOBER 2003
I watched while CTM made this dish. It was so funny! I came home and the first place I go is the kitchen to put my lunchbox away and on the counter were the mise en place ingredients. (All the ingredients for the recipe in little bowls) It was funny!
We tossed this with whole wheat linguine, Davinci, I think. It was good. I would use less salt, less lemon juice, and probably not cook the shrimp so long. I think putting them in the pan BEFORE the garlic doesn’t make sense to me.
You really have to be Johnny on the spot with the ingredients, though. This dish cooks up quick! If you’re looking for something fast, easy, and delicious, then this is YOUR dish! Scampi is easy and pretty infallible, but following this recipe too close made for a decent dish. Too salty for my taste, then again, I don’t cook with salt.
Measuring cups and spoons
Cutting board
Bowl and strainer (to thaw the shrimp)
Saute pan
Rubber spatula or wooden spoon
Large pot (for pasta)
Pasta utensil
Strainer for the pasta

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