Skillet Chicken Souvlaki

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Skillet Chicken Souvlaki recipe
Cooking Light, August 2009

Using my experience with the chicken, peppers and cashews recipe, I butterflied the breasts and then thinly sliced them. Worked like a charm! There weren’t huge slices of chicken in the recipe.

The chicken was a little bland. I would marinate it again in some Greek dressing or at least some lemon and oregano before making this again. It came together really easy and was pretty good.

The sauce…was interesting. I’d never had Greek yogurt before. See my notes on the whole wheat pita bread recipe for my interpretation of Greek yogurt. I didn’t taste the cucumbers AT ALL! It needs more cucumbers. It needs less lemon. It was like lemon sour cream with some chunks in it. Make it a day ahead, add some dried oregano and possibly mint, add more cucumber, add some garlic, and cut the lemon zest by half at least. It was REALLY lemony.

This would be really good with a simple Greek side salad. We didn’t serve it with anything last night. I didn’t really fell much like cooking after all that bread baking, so that’s all we had. There’s left overs which I will probably take for lunch tomorrow with one of the whole wheat pitas. I did add some oregano to the sauce and it has been chillin so hopefully the sauce won’t taste so much like lemons.

Measuring cups and spoons
Cutting board
Large nonstick skillet
Small mixing bowl

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