Smoky Ranch Dip

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Smoky Ranch Dip


*licking spoon*  Oh yeah…it’s that good!  I LOVE chipotles in adobo as it is already, but adding it into one of my favorite ingredients, dip?  Oh…HELLS yes!!I found Spicy Ranch Dressing packets at the store.  I couldn’t find the regular ranch packet.  *shrugs*  I didn’t think it would hurt the recipe any.  I chopped one chipotle sans seeds and added a teaspoon of the sauce they’re packed in.

I couldn’t let it sit…I had to taste it.  WOW!  It’s excellent with just enough smokey and just enough spicy.  I can’t wait to dive into the bowl of dip.  I also have some horseradish, so I might try that variation next weekend.  NOM NOM NOM

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