Spicy Yogurt-Marinated Chicken with Couscous

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Spicy Yogurt-Marinated Chicken with Couscous
Cooking Light, May 2001

This has been on the menu for quite some time, but we just never did make it. Well, last night we did. I didn’t broil them, I roasted them so I could put the eggplant in the oven with them to roast at the same time. I have an authentic masala from Northern India which I used instead of all the spices listed there. It was FABULOUS! The yogurt kept the chicken nice and moist while the masala flavored the skin and the meat. It was YUMMY!

The couscous was a little on the bland side, though. I tossed it with some olive oil. I should have put some lemon juice or rind in there with it to enhance the lemon flavor in the chicken. It would have tasted better.

Measuring cups and spoons
Small mixing bowl
Zip top bag
Roasting pan
Small saucepan
Medium mixing bowl

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