Sunday Supper Finger Foods Preview

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Sunday Supper Finger Foods is perfect for holidays and game days and snacks just because you want a nibble.

#SundaySupper FingerFoodPreview

This week, Sunday Supper is all about manual meals.  You know, finger food?

Those nifty little nibbles that require no utensils to eat; only digits to dig in?  Yup.  That’s what we’re serving up for Sunday Supper this week.

So, I did a little digging about finger foods.  Other than the obvious – they’re eaten with your hands – did you know that most street food is finger food?  I mean, that only makes sense.  Tacos, they’re street food right?  It’s a delicious little meal served up in a crispy, edible wrapper.  Am I right?  Anything on a stick is a finger food like kabobs, corndogs, and pie.  Mmmmm corndogs.

Also, did you know that some cultures don’t even use utensils; they eat with their hands.  Ethiopian food is served with injera which is a bread used to roll up the food so it can be eaten with your hands.  In parts of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa it’s customary to eat with your hands.  While, in contrast, the Western part of the world sees finger foods as appetizers or party foods.  Either way you serve it up, we’re eating with our fingers this week!!

#SundaySupper is bucking tradition, putting on their thinking caps, and making meal worthy finger foods.  Here’s a preview of the recipes you can look forward to on Sunday:

Pinky Appetizers

Manual Mains

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