Swedish Almond Cardamom Stars

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Swedish Almond Cardamom Stars
Cooking Light, December 2008

If you don’t like chai or don’t know cardamom, make sure you smell the spice before you use it. I have found it’s a love it or hate type of ingredient. I happen to LOVE it! CTM, not so much.

These were really easy to make. Of course, I ground my own cardamom so they were REALLY carmum-y. *snort* I don’t think I added enough of the almond paste though or else the cardamom drowned out that taste. I may add more next time I make these. They were a hit at the office.

It’s more of a short bread or fancy sugar cookie dough. You really do need to keep it cold or else it’s hard to pick up the stars and put them on the baking sheet. I kept it in the fridge or freezer in between rolling. They’re light and crispy when cooked. Just make sure the points don’t brown too much in the oven or else it’s REALLY crispy.

Stand mixer (or hand mixer)
Measuring cups and spoons
Rolling pin
Silcone rolling mat (or lots of bench flour to roll them out with)
Baking sheet with silpat or parchment
Cookie rack (to cool on or a counter)

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