The Season of Giving is Year Round with Causora

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You should be giving of yourself the whole year and not just around the holidays.  Seriously.  I give what I can when I can.  Granted, I feel like it’s not much, but it’s all I can do.

The best donation we’ve made?  Adopting Missy from The Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation .  They rescued her from a North Carolina pound and then she rescued us.  It’s true.  For those that are animal lovers you’ll know what I mean.

“But how can I give year round,” you ask?  That’s easy; Causora.  Causora is like the Kickstarter of the donation world.  Actually, it’s better than that.  It’s a one for one donation website.

Here’s how it works.  After you register at Causora and donate to a charity or two…or three…or, well, you get the picture.  You receive the same amount in credits to use at more than 150 eco-conscious partner merchants that work with Causora.

There are hundreds of causes needing funding from animals to feeding children to helping a charter school; there’s a cause for almost any and all interests; charter schools, gibbons, AIDS research, wildlife foundations, diabetes, transplants – you name it!

Since animals are always close to my heart,  I have highlighted A Forever Home Rescue Foundation on my sidebar because they help the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation.  They help to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome thousands of unwanted and abused animals. They made several trips to the Gulf Coast after Katrina.  They were involved in the Michael Vick dogfighting case.  They’ve just done great things to help animals.  They even helped to reform a shelter in Virginia and have shut down puppy mills and back yard breeders.  They are the voice for those that can’t speak for themselves.So, whether it’s AIDS research or animals that are close to your heart, Causora has the charity you’re looking.  They’re adding merchants and charities almost daily, so please be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn for all the up to date news on this great organization.


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