White Bean and Turkey Chili

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White Bean and Turkey Chili
Cooking Light, NOVEMBER 2006

Rarely is there more than just the two of us for Thanksgiving dinner. The smallest turkey I can ever find is a 10 pounder. Yeah…left overs. So, I’m always looking for good recipes to use up the rest of the turkey. This is a pretty good one.

We always simmer the gizards, neck, and whatever else comes inside the turkey to make a broth to baste the turkey with. Well, this turns into some pretty tasty broth. So, I always have left over turkey (usually the dark meat) and the broth. All I needed to buy for this recipe was the beans and the tomatoes. CHEAP! Gotta love it!!

It could use some corn. Frozen, probably that you add with the turkey so that it heats up. The tomatoes and beans just didn’t cut it. Cooking the chili powder and cumin with the onions intensifies the flavors. YUM! It was very tasty due to that and the broth I used. I would serve with some green chili corn bread or those green chili scones from Cooking Light.

Meausing cups and spoons
Large pot
Cutting board

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